Tuesday, December 30, 2008


To be honest I really am too tired to post much but just wanted to tell you that I have the greatest family in the world! I am so proud of them and the way they handle this grouchy, grumpy mom they have! We have had a great time with them all together and David and Christa will be leaving in the morning! This is our family picture that we took this past Saturday!

This is a picture we took this past Sunday after church since David was in his dress blues! Ashley, her boyfriend Andrew, Carrie, Josh, Christa and David! My favorite kids in the whole wide world!!

And last but not least, the best husband in the entire world!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick Proof I have Lost My Mind!!!!

So this news will come as no surprise to those of you who know me well - especially my friends in Florida! I went shopping tonight! I found some good deals at CVS that Carrie paid for - one of the perks of having working children!!! Then it was on to the Dollar Tree for great "gifts" for a family get-together on Saturday! Our next stop was Wal-Mart where the Lord helped me find some great gifts and on sale or clearance to top it off!!!!

Now on to the shocking part!! Well, two shocking parts!!! The first is that I came home with $6 still in my pocket!! That is a miracle let me tell you!!!

Shocking part number two!! I did this in the SNOW AND ICE!!!! It was snowing (I think) and sleeting (I know) and every time I left a store I had to scrape my windows! What in the world is wrong with this picture?!?! In the famous words of my husband a few weeks ago when it snowed the first time........"Something is broken"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I present you this evidence that I have clearly lost my mind and will be completely insane before my next birthday, which by the way......we are NOT discussing!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

News From Our House

There really isn't much going on around here that is new to blog about but we had something new happen this week. The school here where Ashley attends has started a volleyball team this year and this past week was their first game. We drove down to just south of Indianapolis and they played several games. Since this is their first year to play and this was the first game for them, the other school consented to play several games with our girls. They did not win but one game but they had such a good time and did a great job! I was very impressed with their attitudes and they really did well! Here are just a few pictures that I took - with her camera but at least we took them!! In this picture she is in the back row and has her back to the camera!

She is in the middle of the front row.

One of us probably yelled at her and she looked at the camera for this one! There may have been one particular voice in the crowd she heard but I am not sure!!

Other than that, we are just living and getting ready for Christmas. Our church has our Christmas dinner tomorrow night and Tuesday night, we are going to try to go and get some shopping done. Wednesday night is church and Thursday night is something else, although right now I cannot remember what. Friday I do not get off work till late but I will be getting ready for my family Christmas get-together on that Saturday. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of David and Christa and Josh and then this little house will be full and running over! Any great ideas on how I can get all 7 of us to share the one bathroom we have???

Friday, December 5, 2008

Blither Blather

Like my title??? I thought it sounded like something I would say! I am pretty sure they are not even words but hey.....as I have said before - it is my blog I can say what I want!!

I am sitting in my husbands chair with his laptop surfing the "net" and decided to do a blog! On what? Don't really have anything particular - just typing to ..... type! Man I am in some sort of weird mood tonight! I guess its a good thing there is a delete button!!!

So what is new in my world? Um...... job is going well! I have a new supervisor and that is making things much better. Hopefully she will get the position on a permanent basis but time will tell. I am just very thankful that I have a job and glad that it provides good insurance for the family! Dave is at home now and will be for awhile. He is working fairly regularly and we are thankful for that. He is so helpful to me and I am glad that I am married to someone who has no problem doing dishes or laundry or anything else around the house! As far as we know, David and Christa will get to be home for Christmas and we are sooooooo excited about that! It is just about all we talk about around here!!! We are so thankful that David is HOME for the holidays this year! Carrie spent Thanksgiving in Florida and is now looking forward to Josh coming here in the evening of Christmas day! She is really enjoying her job but I think she would rather be in Florida for obvious reasons! Ashley is enjoying life in general! She is really happy that her school started a volleyball team this year and she is so excited to play! She got her uniform the other day and she is thrilled with her last name on the back of her shirt! Of course she also has her "friend" which is pretty much all we hear about!!! I can't figure out why she doesn't talk about her Algebra or Chemistry though!!!!

There really is not that much going on around our house these days! Mainly because we are too cold to go outside! I thought my car was going to have a heart attack when I left the bank tonight to come home! I think it was about 17 degrees outside and my car has never seen anything like it!! Then of course my fingers were so cold that I just about could not work the keys! I think I look like a walking mummy whenever I go outside! Scarf and gloves and a coat and boots and extra socks! You would think I had never been in the cold before! I can honestly say I have NEVER liked being cold! And another thing - climbing into bed around here is an activity that requires sheer guts and will power!!!!!!! I lose my breath every single time I lay down!! I hate coffee so that is not an option but Crystal Kline's hot chocolate has become my favorite drink let me tell you!!

Ok - so I have rambled enough foolishness and whined enough for one blog about the cold but I am sure this is not the last time you will hear that!! Have a good evening and maybe the next time you check back I will have something worthwhile to blog about!!!!!