Friday, August 12, 2011

Just a tidbit!

This "old" girl just isn't as dumb as she looks!!! I somehow managed to pull off making the Deans List for this summer semester! How in the world did I do that? Truthfully - I have no idea!!! Typically, a semester is 16 weeks long which isn't too bad but a summer semester is 8 weeks long with 16 weeks of work crammed into it. This summer - I took a speech class on campus on Tuesday evenings which was an interesting event all in itself!! Then I took 2 online classes. If you combine all that in an 8 week period, it makes for some hectic living! But - apparently I did it and did it well!! And - if you think I am tooting my own are right!!! :))))

There isn't much else that is new in our world! Oh yes - I have a spare room that is jammed to the hilt with wedding stuff! It is everywhere! But - Ashley is doing a fantastic job planning and putting it all together so I am doing what all good Mom's do and following her lead!!! :)))) And - I am doing it without being a "momzilla"!!! At least I think I am, you may want to check with her!!

Right now, the bright spot in my world is coming next week when I get to fly to Colorado with my hubby dearest for a short weekend meeting out there and I am extremely excited about that! Who knows - I may be convinced to actually put a picture or two on here but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!! We fly back home on Monday and my 2 online classes start that day and my on-campus class starts the next evening! Blogging will not be high on my priority list! Besides that, there is this wedding coming which means my children are coming home and there will pretty much not be anything else on my mind!! :)))