Sunday, May 24, 2009

My physical and spiritual garden!!

One of the things that I have looked forward to ever since I first discovered we were moving back to Indiana was getting to have a garden again! Gardening in Florida was too big of a challenge - living a mile from the ocean meant the soil was sand! Anyway, Dave spoke with our landlord a few weeks ago and asked about having a small garden in our backyard and they consented. So - yesterday was planting day! Dave had already plowed up the spot but due to a lot of rain, there was no planting to be done. We got our seeds and plants yesterday, roped off the rows and planted the garden! Dave and I were so excited!
This is the beginning!

My "master" gardener!!

I can't believe I am posting this picture but I am and will see if I can laugh about it at some point!!

All done!! Its not huge but it is ours and that is all the matters!

I forgot to take a picture but up by the house, we planted a few tomato plants and three pepper plants also! I can't wait for fresh tomatoes!!!!!
So - while I was doing all this, I got to thinking about my spiritual garden. I wonder if I am up for the challenge of the thinning out and the weeding as I grow! This probably won't make sense to anyone and I am actually just thinking this out as I type. I think for my sanity - I need to leave this and come back to it when my mind is not so tired. I just have been thinking a lot about spiritual growth ever since Pastor Johnson preached a message about it a few weeks back. One thing I have learned is that growth can be painful but the end result is oh so precious!! I think that I will blog about this again later! Guess you will have to check back now, huh?!?! :))

Friday, May 8, 2009

Life on the Funny Farm

Oh wow - look.....a new blog, and one with pictures!!!! Where oh where do I start??? Well, how about with Ashley! This girl has given me more grey hair in the last 3 weeks than I deserve!! :)) First of all, she decided to come down with the stomach flu. We got rid of it in time for her to head off to the land of strep throat. Then.........

.....yea...she sorta totaled her sisters car. She was driving along a street here in town and a lady stopped at a stop sign, didn't see Ashley and plowed into her drivers door and spinning her around until.......

.....she hit a telephone pole. She did very well at not going into a state of panic but called her daddy to come and rescue her!! :)) Thankfully, other than a few bruises, she is fine! Well enough in fact, that after a few minutes.......

.....she was on the phone!! Three guesses as to who she was talking to but the first two do not count!!! We are actually very thankful that she was not hurt and reminded her that cars are replaceable but she is not!! Although in the last few weeks, I have considered it!!!! :))

Now on to the next daughter and wedding stuff!! Engagement picture have been taken - below are three of my favorite shots of them! Mind you these are MY favorite, not necessarily those of the future bride and groom!!

What a beautiful couple!!!! Wedding plans are coming along really well and of course, there are still many more to do!! Carrie has such a great handle on things and I am so incredibly proud of her!! She makes bigger and better lists than her mother and trust me, that is saying something!! :))
Well, I think that is enough for now! The body is tired and the mind is weary and the bed is calling!! C-YA!!!!!!