Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Lesson For Me

This morning I read something that has stuck with me through the day that I decided to share with you all. It made an impact on me and so I would like you to share your thoughts as well.
If I understand correctly, old ships were made of wood that was probably new and shiny and neat-looking. Then they were put into the water and off on their voyages and things began to happen. They went through rough storms and calm seas, low and high tide, scraped along the bottom or against rocks. All of these things combined together to make the ship into a beautiful vessel.
I think maybe our lives are like that. The trials we face, the rough spots we go through, the difficult places we find ourselves in - over a period of time, these make us into the "beautiful" person God intends us to be. God uses each trial, each rough spot, each difficult place to smooth out our rough edges and redefine us - turning us from an ordinary "skiff" into a beautiful "yacht".
Recently, I have been somewhat resistant to change the areas that God has been working on me about. I haven't been too thrilled with the storms, and the scrapes and the low and high tide. Somehow I need to get a vision, even a glimpse, of the vessel HE is trying to mold me into. I guess I am just like a lot of other people who have a difficult time learning the lessons that God is trying to teach as HE LEADS us through the storms and rough spots and difficult places.
For the record, I WILL learn and I WILL adjust and I WILL become the vessel HE can use. Granted I may not do that over night but then it took years and years for the ships to become the beautiful vessels that sailed the oceans.
Your thoughts??

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stealing Hearts

As you may know, David spent this past weekend in Georgia with his girlfriend. On her blog, she talked about Alexis, her sisters foster child, that wrapped David around her pinkie finger. Well, this is another one who has him wrapped up the exact same way. This is my very good friend Tara's daughter, Cassady. This little girl grabbed David a couple of years ago and he thinks she is tops! I was talking to David last night and told him that he was becoming quite the ladies man but he just bemoaned the fact that they were so young!!!! I must be honest though and admit that he does have an awesome girlfriend.
I hope I don't get in trouble for this but I received an email from someone who told me how much they appreciated the fact that David was trying to be a spiritual leader in his relationship with Christa and for the record, NOTHING has made me any happier. Maybe - just maybe - something his dad and I taught him has stuck after all!!! (Wonder what comments will be left by the Marine and his girl?????)

My Momma

I know - I know!! I am VERY far behind when it comes to blogging about my Mom! Let's just say that more than one thing has transpired since Mothers Day!
My Mom just left Florida last Thursday to go to IN to live with my sister. Mom has been working here full time but physically she just can't do it anymore. She can't financially afford to stay here unless she is working full time so she has made the decision to move in with Sandy.
I have a very unique relationship with my Mom but the bottom line is that she is a wonderful, Godly woman! I love to tell her story to let other people know that God as His hand on people even when they don't think so. Mom grew up on a farm in Ohio and when she was in her early teens, went to a local church for a revival and became a Christian. She never had the support of her family and desperately wanted to go to Bible School after graduating from high school at 16 but Grandpa absolutely refused to allow her to go. She got a job and eventually met my Dad who lived in the same area. A few years and 3 children later, she was not doing well emotionally at all. One evening, after feeding the family, she went for a walk down to the bridge and decided to jump off the bridge and end her life. BUT....God spoke to her and asked her to give Him one more chance. The little church she had attended "happened" to be in revival and she walked in the door and went forward and asked God to forgive her of her sins. She went home a changed person. A short while later, my Dad became a Christian and felt called to become a preacher. Another child was born, and then a year later, my "special" brother came along and lived for a few short hours before going on to heaven. And then.....the best came last....ME!!
Through the years my Mom has proven to me over and over that faith in God can bring you through the darkest circumstances. My parents were always "hand in hand" and when God decided to take my Dad to heaven waaaaaaaaaay to early, a part of Mom went along. She has done all kinds of things in her life in the way of jobs but she never got away from the fact that she is what she is because of the grace of God. Both of my parents taught me that when you prayed, you expected an answer. Not always the answer we wanted but an answer nonetheless!!
I have what I call an interesting family but the truth is that not a single one of us can EVER question the fact that our Mom loves God and lives her life solely to please Him. I thank God every day for the heritage I have and am doing my very best to pass it on down to my children.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Pic of the New Bedroom

Well, this is the last picture of my new bedroom! Above the bed is the candle holder I just got from Kirklands. To the left of that is a small mirror that hangs from a ribbon. I actually like them both but I just keep asking myself if the black really fits in. For now, all will be left as is. Let me know what ya think!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My New Room

You may or may nor know this about me but decorating is NOT one of my strong points! As a matter of fact, I HATE doing it but like doing it at the same time! Unique huh????
Anyway, my bedroom has been a blah white and nothing on the walls for over a year and I have been dying to do something with it. So - while my husband and girls were gone to IHC, I went to work. I emptied the room and painted the walls yellow which I dearly love. I also found the perfect, to me anyway, border to go along the top. I bought the curtains at Walmart, bought the frames for the pictures and hot glued the ribbon to them, added the flowers to other ribbon for the tiebacks and presto - done. I already had a blue and white striped comforter, yellow bedskirt (of sorts) and white sheets. I also bought a new cd player, alarm clock and am personally thrilled with the end result!!!! I have since added a candle holder to one wall that is black (although it may not stay that way) and a small oval mirror to another wall that has a ribbon as its hanger! So - this is a small insight into my decorating "skills" but I am happy and Dave was quite surprised. As I was outting stuff away, I threw a bunch of stuff out and reorganized a bit and that made me feel even better! Let me know what you think - positive or negative - I can take it!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Few Shots of the Weekend

This was probably the highlight of Carrie's day! We went to the cafeteria to drop off some stuff on our way to the church for graduation Friday night and Austin was in the process of putting this vase of flowers on her table. He was in hopes of surprising her AFTER graduation but that didn't work out!! Let's just say she was a little excited!

Since David was unable to come to graduation, we had to get him in the pictures someway! I know that he is very proud of his sister and missed being with us but she is just as proud of him!
That is all for this blog but I am going to just type one up next to give you all the details of the weekend. Not that it matters but at least I will feel like I have accomplished something great and wonderful!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Blubberings of the Insane One

Good morning all! Every time I sit down and think about getting this blog updated, something else happens to take my mind off it! It is a little slow at work at the moment so thought I would update. Maybe this is more to make me feel better (or worse, we'll see).
Let's see - where do I start?!?! First of all, there is quite a bit of sickness going around and I do not feel all that great and this is positively NOT the time for me to get sick!! My stomach is slightly "off" so not eating much. Hey - maybe I will lose some weight!!
Carrie returned home from her Senior Trip last night around 11. We were all very excited to see her and glad she had a great trip. Lots of interesting things happened but I guess I need to let a little more time pass before I say too much about that!! She hit the ground running this morning thought - much to do before Friday night. They had to go to choir this morning since they sing in the baccalaureate service tonight. Then they had to pick up their caps and gowns and be ready for practice at 1:30. She has 2 college exams to study for today so she can take them tomorrow. Her room - oh my - what happened to it is beyond description!! Then of course the main event Friday night! She will be somewhat busy over the next few days.
Ashley has been sick with a bad cold all week but has managed to keep going! I got her a personal day for Friday and she is happy about that. She was a big help to me last night getting lots of work done around the house! I am glad she is helpful and she didn't even "grouch" too much about it!!
My husband is absolutely wonderful!!! He has done a LOT of work in the girls bathroom and last night, he finished up by painting it! It looks 100% better and I am so thankful that he did that! I know he was completely exhausted when he went to bed!
So - today I am working and at lunch time you will find me running through Wal-Mart! Tonight is the Baccalaureate and still more work to be done around the house! Tomorrow is work again and then company for dinner. Hmmmm....wonder if my son is worried about that?!?! Then Friday morning I am off on a blistering fast-paced shopping flight through the mall to find Carrie a graduation outfit and shoes. That could prove to be very interesting. Then it is back to make sure the house is in tip-top shape for the inlaws and then off to the cafeteria to decorate and get the food ready for the part for after graduation! Yea - I think maybe it will be a busy time! Maybe you can look forward to some pictures sometime next week but I would simply NOT hold my breathe!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Marine - Sorry Christa

Some of you may understand this and some of you may not but I am really doing this only to be ornery and I guess maybe she should get used to it!!!

Sorry Christa!! I waited for as long as possible for you to post the picture of David in his dress blues but I simply couldn't wait any longer!!

For Christa's family - if you need any information or should I say ammunition about the above pictured individual before the grand meeting in a couple of weeks, please feel free to contact me and I will give you all kinds - both good and bad!!!!

For the honest record, this is my son and I am as proud of him as can be and he is truly the best son I have!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just Stuff

Hello all you in blogger land! I don't have my camera with me so no new pictures to post! I thought maybe I would just chat about what is going on in my life at the moment. Maybe if I get it out of my head and onto "paper" I will feel better, ya' think????
Carrie left on her Senior Trip to DC early Wednesday morning. She was so excited about going and very anxious to get on the way. She had called Austin the evening before to make sure she knew what time they were supposed to meet and he told her at 4am when it was really 5! He is sooooooooo in trouble when he gets back!!! That was his idea of a small senior prank!! Anyway, they are on the way and I am so happy for her! She was so excited that we got her camera fixed and returned to us in time for her to take it along! It's hard to believe that I am getting ready to have my second child out of high school but life stops for no one!! We are very proud of Carrie and all that she has accomplished!
Ashley has had sort of a rough time with the empty house. She doesn't like anything to change so this is major for her. I know that Carrie isn't gone for good but this is the next step in things changing around our house and Ashley isn't too thrilled with that prospect! She has much going on in her life with the end of the school year also. Yesterday, Dave tried to teach her how to drive the truck! Now THAT was a trip!! I think according to both of them that it did NOT go well!!!
David is doing well in his training and to be honest, I miss that little burger pretty bad some days! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of him but the worry is more than I can handle some times! It is sooooo nice that we can pretty much talk to him when we want. He is supposed to be getting the Internet hooked up in his room today I think and so he is excited about that! I think he is really looking forward to being able to see our services on the Internet and will at least get to watch the graduation since he can't be here. It looks like he will be headed to Iraq in September for 6 to 7 months. We have had many conversations about this but it still is nothing I want to dwell on for long. Sometimes when I look at it, he has been gone for 9 months already and that has gone by pretty fast, then I think maybe it won't be too horrible. But the fact remains, I don't like it one little bit!! How's that for honesty?? Our family (including Christa) will need some extra prayers during that time!!
Dave is so busy with things at work but that is the norm. He still has some travelling coming up but we just roll with the flow! I could NOT make it without him helping me. He cooks as much as I do and does as much if not more laundry than I do!! God has truly blessed me with a WONDERFUL husband!!
Well, I guess I have rambled enough! You all have a fantastic day!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Senior Pictures

Last Saturday, we went to have Carrie's senior pictures taken by my good friend Jackie Shambers. She did a fantastic job and now I have all kinds of pictures that I am somehow supposed to choose from! It's just not possible! Anyway, I picked one to put on here so that I could blog about my senior!! I picked this one because she just looks so sassy and thrilled with life!
Carrie will be graduating from high school on May 18th. I must admit that it is hard to believe that I am getting ready to have my second child out of high school! Carrie is graduating third in her class and we are so very proud of her. She has worked hard at maintaining her high school grades as well as taking some college courses this year. She works here and there doing some cleaning and also some babysitting. The thing that I appreciate most about her is her willingness to please Christ in all she does. She has such a tender heart and is doing her best to live a life that points others to Christ.
She is also getting ready to go on another TLC trip the first part of June and so there are lots of overwhelming feelings in our house these days! I am very thankful for the opportunity she has in going although right now she is thinking that she would rather just collapse at home during that time.
Anyway, this is my grown up almost 18 year old senior and yes, right now I feel really old!!!