Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Mess in My Foot

Before I get to my foot, let me tell you a story.  A few years ago, I went to spend the weekend at a church camp where Dave was the evangelist and Larry & LaDonna Thomas were the singers.  In the evening service, I was sitting on the front row with Larry & LaDonna when it was time for Dave to speak.  He got up and as he was doing his opening remarks, he kept holding his one foot kind of funny and would randomly pick it up and shake it.  I was trying my best to remain calm and not be nervous but I could not figure out what in the world he was doing.  A couple minutes later, he came down a couple steps off the platform and would shake his foot and to be honest, I was starting to get somewhat embarrassed.  Finally, he stopped - sat down on the edge of the altar and said "Pardon me while I see what is wrong with my shoe".  As a side note, I thought poor LaDonna was going to fall off her seat from laughing and Larry was trying to get her to stop which made things even more funny!  Anyway, Dave picked up this tiny little stone and proceeded to preach a message about how little things in our lives can make us uncomfortable and walk different and become a bigger irritation.  A very good message and not one that many have forgotten. 
Fast forward to now - this past Friday, I had surgery on my foot to remove an neuroma. 
Do you see that little thing?  I have been dealing with - translation: ignoring - that little thing for a year or more.  Finally, after a couple trips to the podiatrist and two very painful shots, the decision was made that it had to come out.  This past Friday, I went into the surgery center and had it removed.  The doctor told Dave that it was bigger than he had anticipated so it was a good thing he got it out when he did.  I am now in a lovely walking shoe and bright red bandage, no driving for the next 10 days or so and pretty much sitting at my desk with limited walking.  Why?  Oh - because I chose to ignore something very little which turned into something very big.
So - why do I mention this?  Man, there are these little things in our spiritual life that can make us so uncomfortable and cause such pain.  In my case, I walked funny - couldn't wear any shoe comfortably - couldn't exercise more than 10 minutes at a time - couldn't be on my feet long - had to remove my shoe at such random and inconvenient times.  This little thing really became a huge burden to me!  Why didn't I take care of this when I first noticed it?  Why didn't I go see the doctor in the beginning?  Oh there are a litany of excuses - no money, no time, and the general thought that "it's no big deal, it will go away soon".  I chose to ignore it. 
While propped up in my husband's recliner yesterday afternoon feeling sorry for myself that I was by myself, bored and lonely - a gentle voice began speaking to me about some "little" things that were in my life that I have been ignoring and are on the verge of becoming large enough to have them "cut" out.  Another painful procedure if you ask me and one that I can avoid.  Little things like - eating too much or eating the wrong things, not reading and praying more consistently and with specific purpose, speaking my mind when I should be quiet, spending too much time on Facebook or Pinterest or the internet in general.  I know - little things but things that can become way bigger.  So, while I "convalesce" I am working on getting rid of the little things.