Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Update (and even some pictures)

Before you go to looking, there are no wedding pictures. For one, I didn't even pick up my camera the day of the wedding - that is what we hired a photographer for! Second, posting pictures of the wedding is Carrie's privilege - not for her very proud mom!! So, the following is just a quick update of the different things that have gone on in our lives over the last couple of months!

First of all, Dave was the evangelist at a camp in NC and David and Christa drove over for a weekend! He was so excited to get to see his kids! I think they all had a blast!

Then my sister (brave soul), Carrie, Ashley and myself made a very fast and very long trip to Florida for a bridal shower for Carrie. Ok - it was a blast and we had a GREAT time but trust me, NONE of us want to do it again!!!! The decorations were beautiful and the food was delicious and getting to stay at Tara's house was an added bonus!!!!

Then this beautiful young lady turned 20. Yes, that is very hard to believe but it is the truth! The girls have 2 years and 8 days between their birthdays so we had a family picnic on Sunday at our house to celebrate for both of them! But, Carrie's comes first! Josh was able to be here for her birthday and that was a great present for her!!

We had a special cake done for the girls that day! There is a long story behind their nicknames that I won't tell right now but they sure did enjoy the names on this cake!!!

Then this beautiful girl turned 18. And just in case you are wondering, is hard to believe that my youngest child is 18 already!! But - she is my "favorite youngest child" and I wouldn't trade her for anything!!!! We planned a surprise birthday party for her at some friends house (although she probably knew about it anyway) and we had a great time!! Mexican food, volleyball and a homemade bomb that scared a deaf horse!! It was great!!!!

I am pretty sure that she enjoyed the food and the volleyball and the bomb but for some reason, it is the guy beside her that keeps her attention most of her waking moments!!!

So the week of the wedding was one of the busiest I have had in awhile! There was so much that happened that would literally fill a book but I will just hit the highlights! My wonderful friend Angie so graciously opened her home for a bridal luncheon for Carrie and her bridesmaids. It was decorated so beautifully and the food was delicious and it was a relaxing time for everyone!

Carrie had a great group of girls in her wedding! Let me see if I can name them and put then in order starting from left to right!! Ashley (maid of honor), Katie (cousin), Anna and Esther (bridesmaids and sisters to Josh), Christa (matron of honor), Marianne and Kyla (bridesmaids and Carrie's best friends from high school), Bethany (cousin) and Rebecca (bridesmaid and sister to Josh). It was a great time for all of us!!!

The rehearsal dinner was really good and the best part would have been the dessert table! :)) The Kline's had the dinner at the same place where we had the reception so that went well!

We did learn however, that these two should never be trusted if they are off in a corner and whispering! The song (if that is what you want to call it) that came from these two was something that will not soon be forgotten!!!

The rehearsal actually went really well and I was so glad!! What helped the most was having a dad who has a loud voice, a bride that knew exactly what she wanted and people that kept their opinions to themselves!! :)) Carrie and Josh had t-shirts made for everyone in the wedding party and so this is the group all together!! They were all fantastic and we all agreed we had the best Bible Bearer and Flower Girl that EVER were in a wedding!!

So that is it for now! There is plenty more to tell about but that at least gives you some idea of what we have been up to!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I realize that I have not updated this in a month but in case you didn't know, things have been a little busy around here! I am promising to do several blogs in the next week or so. About what?? Well, lets see - had a daughter turn 20, had another one turn 18, drove to FL and back for a bridal shower, took a weeks vacation for a wedding.......ummmmm......I think that about covers it! So, once I get my camera and a laptop all together in one piece and the proper permission is obtained, I will get to blogging!

But until then, just know that the Fulton Family Funny Farm is alive and half sane. Well, the last part is seriously questionable!!