Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daybook August 22, 2012

I have seen several other people do this and since I have been looking for a way to blog more and not have to think long and hard about it, I think I am going to try this! Outside my window: It has been so nice outside recently that we have turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows. Right now I am listening to someone mow grass which is wonderful in that it means we actually have had enough rain to make the grass grow! I am listening to: nothing! :)) Just the sound of cars passing outside and someone mowing their grass! I can handle the quiet every once in awhile! I am thankful for: enough that I could blog for an eternity! But to be specific, I am thankful for my husband and his words of wisdom. He often keeps me from trouble! :)) I am pondering: oh my - this should probably be considered non blog worthy! :)) Actually I have been thinking recently on the importance of being quiet. Just because I have things I COULD say doesn't mean I SHOULD say them! I am also learning....and quite slowly I might add, that God is more than able to take care of situations that I "think: I should handle. :)) In the kitchen: I am cooking very little! :)) Salads and grilled chicken and stir-fry's of all varieties are on the menu because it makes losing weight a LOT easier! Also, we have plenty of tomatoes, a few cucumbers, many green peppers and onions from the garden! Yummy deliciousness! In the house: I am contemplating room makeovers that will probably transpire this fall while Dave is gone for revivals. I visited a store today with a friend that has my redecorating desires at an all-time high! Other than that, I am only THINKING about the cleaning that needs done! :)) In the kid department: We are adjusting quite nicely to the empty nest! And yes, some days are better than others! :) David and Christa are enjoying the "joy" of raising a two-year old that really is an angel! And they are anticipating the arrival of "little man" before long! Josh and Carrie came to see us for just a few days which we really enjoyed! Josh has a new job and Carrie is back to work at the preschool! Andrew and Ashley are working and settling into married life! Of course crashing at either set of parents house on a Sunday is nice for them! :) I am praying: for far too many things to name! But, specifically I am praying for a heart that is more in tune to God's voice. Sometimes we get too busy to really listen. And, too much noise going on can make our hearing confusing. I guess what I am praying is that God will help me learn to quiet my heart so that I may hear Him better. If I can't hear Him, I will be misled and we live in a world that makes me NOT want to run the risk of being misled.