Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An "anniversary" of sorts

I was reminded of the significance of this day a little while ago and thought I would blog about it while I wait on Dave to get home from work!
Due to some other events going on right now, this will make me all teary-eyed but maybe that is what I need!

These are three of the most precious things in the world to me! Its not exactly the picture I was looking for but it will do! My family is still growing but these are the original three!

One year ago today was the culmination of a very long and stressful 7 months! David Jr had been deployed to Iraq and I think we had all had ENOUGH!!!! We had made our way to North Carolina for homecoming and what a trip that was! I don't think ANYTHING can ever compare to the emotions of that day! When I looked down the street and saw those buses make the turn I thought I would explode! They turned in, stopped and all of a sudden there were Marines EVERYWHERE and family and friends and wives and moms and dads and grandparents and babies were going bananas!!!!!! Ashley screamed "There he is" and finally my family was whole again! I cannot tell you about the variety of emotions that day!
My family is so very important to me and the older I get the more I realize that God is teaching me about trust! Not just any trust but COMPLETE trust in HIM! I spent 7 months trusting in God to protect David and He did, time and time again! The neat thing is that - HE STILL CAN!! I am so thankful that I can trust in an all-knowing God for my children!
I thank God for those who protect my country - especially my wonderful, handsome and most favorite Marine!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The "have no clue" blog

So - it has been too long since I have updated my blog.....or so a whole bunch of people told me at IHC this past week! I am sure that I have had a bunch of things happen in my world since I last blogged but since (as the title says) I have no clue what I am doing, I will just blog randomly today!
First of all, the front end of my poor car got crunched by a Ford Explorer! This is what that looked like:

It has now been properly fixed and looks normal once again!
Now, a little "pre-story" to the next topic of conversation. Dave travels here and there on a frequent basis, Carrie spends more time in the airports at Indy and West Palm Beach than she does anywhere else, Ashley has been to Florida and is always busy and mom, well.....I work - either at work or at home! So, through a series of conversations I figured out that my best friend, Tara, from Florida was going to be about 5 hours from me and I planned a road trip!!!!! I got a couple of books on tape and hit the road around 7am on Saturday and went to meet Tara! It was GREAT!!! I met some of her family, got to see Spencer and Cassidy and Betty (Tara's Mom) and then had a nice LOOOOOOOOONG lunch! See how much fun we had?!?!

That was so much fun and I am so glad I took the time to make that trip!!!
Let's see - what else can I tell you about? Ummm.....went to IHC this past week and that was so nice! I really looked forward to having a few days off work and so enjoyed myself. I went over Tuesday morning with my mother-in-law and Ashley and then Dave and his dad came over on Wednesday! I ran into all kinds of people that I knew and really enjoyed the music! If you think that you need a pick-me-up, go to the website for IHC and watch the Thursday afternoon service! The first guy that spoke was amazing and I was reminded AGAIN how blessed I am!
Now for the family! Dave got to take the trip of a lifetime with his dad back to the country of his birth - Bolivia, South America! He had such a great time and came home with tons of pictures and I will probably try to do a blog about that sometime soon! He has been gone quite a bit but is now home for a few weeks! That makes this wife happy!! David and Christa are doing well and keeping busy with Marine life and married life! Carrie is busy working, flying and planning a wedding! We have in our possession THE wedding dress and that has made us all happy! Things are progressing well! They have their first little home and Josh will be moving there soon! Wow - time is flying! Ashley is busy with the last few weeks of school and working part-time at Taco Bell. She survived ACE competition and a trip to Florida for her spring break! Of course there are other "things" and "people" that take a lot of her time and attention but she still manages a second or two here and there for her mom and dad!! :)) I am working and well.....working! Trees are starting to bloom and flowers are coming up and that means that maybe, just maybe it will start to warm up around here!!
So, that is it for now! I am sure that is a whole lot more I am missing but a Sunday afternoon rest is calling my name!!