Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Recent "Stuff"

I thought I would shock everyone (all 2 of you) that reads my blog and post some actual pictures from recent events in my life. And so now that you have picked yourselves back up off the floor, here we go!

I was "privileged" to take a road trip to Missouri for a surprise 50th birthday party for my sister-in-law Diane! Now picture this - my brother Jim driving and his faithful navigator, my brother-in-law Paul beside him. The next row we find our mother and my sister Sandy. Then in the back you see - me! The baby of the family! You will have to know that the last time I can remember a road trip of any kind with more than one of my siblings, I was probably a very young child which meant that I was sitting on the lap of one of my brothers. Not real comfortable but back then our road trips lasted at the most for an hour! This one was about 5 to 6 hours. And in case you are wondering - everyone came back in one piece! We had tons of fun and enjoyed Missouri and the beautiful weather and getting to be with Greg and his family!! So without further ado, may I introduce my brother and his wife Diane!

Thanks to a great boss who offered to trade my Saturday to work, I was able to go with Ashley to a volleyball tournament in Bird Lake, Michigan! We all had a blast and were so very proud of our girls for finishing 2nd! Ashley got a trophy for the most valuable player on her team! I was very proud of her! She kinda messed up both ankles and had some swelling and soreness for a couple of days but she survived!! She definitely plays volleyball all out and her brother would like me to insert his "your welcome" here for he thinks that all the praise should go to him!! :)

This past weekend we put up the tree and got all the Christmas decorating done! Thanks to Dave and Ashley it got finished! I was sick and felt like doing nothing! We usually have to move furniture in order to put up the tree and I am not talking about just scooting something over! I am talking about moving something OUT of the living room completely! But we survived and thanks to them, here is the finished product!

My village is something that I love and due to some other stuff I wanted out, it ended up on the floor next to the tree this year. Not sure it is my favorite place for it but it is kinda growing on me!

Christmas will be somewhat different this year. Due to a schedule change with David and his employer - the Marine Corp - they are coming for Christmas early! I am working on the not complaining quite loudly part! :) Anyway, they will be here Saturday for about a week and we are all very excited! Josh and Carrie aren't able to come until the 28th so our family Christmas will be quite spread out!
BUT - at least we can see them all, all are healthy and God has blessed us all beyond measure!