Friday, May 9, 2014

My Favorite Time of Year

This is my favorite time of the year!  You know how so many people come up with all these changes and goals they want to make for themselves on January 1st called New Years Resolutions?  Well, for me - that usually happens about right now.  Spring and summer and warm weather do that to me.  :)
Monday evening after work, Dave got our garden planted with a small amount of help from me and a few onlookers from the edges in the form of our kids and a couple babies who could have cared less!  I love looking out our window and seeing the garden back there knowing that in a few weeks we will be seeing such wonderful things coming from that garden!  Fresh tomatoes for salsa and juice and just plain ol' slicing to eat!  Cucumbers to eat, carrots to freeze for the winter, onions and green peppers to eat AND freeze for later!  And, plenty of green beans to eat and can!  See?  It's just a lovely time of year!  New growth in the garden!
And - you know what else it makes me think of?  New growth in me.  This is when I tend to think about the things in my life I want to change and work on.  I come up with all kinds of deep cleaning projects around my house.  I usually try to move around furniture much to the dismay of my husband and whatever kids are around who get roped into helping me!  I like a fresh new look at this time!  I go one another diet - always thinking this one will be more successful than the last one!  :)  I want to be outside and often look longingly out my office window at the sunshine!  I find new "self-help" books to read and buy a new notebook for all the notes I like to write.  And, I think more about my spiritual life and where I can change and grow in this area.  It's just my favorite time of year and I look forward to what God is going to help me do this Spring and Summer.  While we get out and take care of the weeds in the garden, we water it, we care for it, we work hard towards a bountiful harvest - that is what I am looking forward to doing in me.  Take care of the junk in my life and look forward to the harvest!  :)
Happy Spring and Summer everyone!  Now go grow something!  :)