Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Update

There has been so many changes in our family in recent times that I may need to use this blog as a means of keeping it all straight for me!  :)
Let's see - nothing has changed with Dave so that helps!  Still traveling, still preaching, still working on the side, still the Superintendent of CYM and still gardening! And, still the love of my life and very best friend!!
Me??  Well, I believe I have fully recovered from the previously blogged about foot surgery which is wonderful!  I can actually walk and not have numb toes!  Also, a little over 3 weeks ago I took a different position at the bank which has me about 3 minutes from work instead of 30.  I am very happy with the change and also the new training that will be coming as well.
This past weekend, for the first time in 9+ years, our whole family is living in the same town.  David and Christa have made the long move from Florida to Indiana.  This momma is BEYOND excited! Addison and D are adjusting as well as they can and enjoying playing with their little cousins as well as their Papaw!  :)  Christa is expecting their third child and due in December so there is a lot of excitement in their world!  David is adjusting to a normal work schedule of days instead of nights which I believe he is actually enjoying!
Josh and Carrie are expecting as well and she is due in November.  A few weeks back Josh was able to get a different job so they are relishing a normal work schedule as well!  Molly provides us with a lot of entertainment - some of which is behind her back!  :)  We simply can't laugh out loud when her parents are correcting her for something but there are times when that is mighty difficult!  But then, if you could see her "scowl" you would understand EXACTLY what I am saying! 
Andrew and Ashley are fast approaching the birth of their own little boy due August 5th.  And, they are in the process of building a house!  Talk about a lot of life changing events all at once!!  Estaley is growing like a weed and I mean that literally!  She is a tall girl!  But, I think she will be an awesome big sister!  
I think that catches me up!  I wonder what I will think when I look back on this in a few years??  :)