Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

I would like to take this opportunity to wish LaDonna a happy belated birthday! I know - I should have done this a little while ago but its been a little busy around here!
Happy Birthday LaDonna! I hope you had a fantastic day! I really was going to dig around for pictures but I can't seem to get a handle on which box they are all still in!!! I suppose you could say you are blessed! But then - you really deserve it after those terrible pictures you put up of me! :)) :))
I do hope you had a great day and may I say WELCOME to the 40's?? They aren't all that bad but then we probably already knew that being that wise young people we are!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

Wow!! Imagine my surprise to read my blog yesterday and find the sweetest thing ever! I have the best husband in the world!!!! I, however, am not posting pictures of us because he did enough damage with that yesterday!! Man, I used to be skinny!!

So - 22 years ago this evening and yes, on a Friday the 13th, I married my very best friend!! Babe, we were young and not too bright but when I look at where we were and where we could have been and where we are now, I KNOW beyond all doubts that there is a God who loves us both!! I am amazed at all we have been through and yet, our love grows stronger with each day! I am so thankful that we have chosen the life we have and that through our many ups and downs, we have worked them all out together! You have been the best husband in the world and I would not trade you for anything! Thanks so much for making God the priority in our lives and for leading me in a closer relationship with God! You are my hero! You are the one I look up to the most and the one who is my very best friend! Thank you for sticking with me through all the bad spots, for making me laugh, for making me look hard at my inner self, for loving our family, for just being you and there is absolutely nothing in the world I would change about you!!! NOTHING!!! I love you!!!

Happy anniversary to you and I look forward to the next 100 years with you!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Happy Anniversary!!

This is Dave and I have momentarily taken over my wife’s blog. I guess you could say that I have hijacked it and am about to try something I have never done before. That is to blog. The pictures that you see at the top of the page are pictures of us 23 years ago and 1 year ago. Boy have we changed! But that is ok I still think she is the prettiest girl in the whole world!!! Now you know that Leah is an old pro at this but I am less than a beginner novice at this so please do not judge her great blogging skill by this pathetic blog. I am in a revival in Michigan and will not get to be with her on our anniversary so hope this will help to make it up to her.
I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife of 22 years. I know that it has been hard some times but we have always made it through. We have shared laughter and tears, heartache and cheers, sickness and health, poverty and wealth, but through it all we have had each other and that is what makes this marriage work. I know that there are times you would like to throw me off of a cliff for the stupid things I did but you have stuck with me. I also know that there are other times I have made you so happy that you cannot even express it. No we do not have a perfect marriage but we do have a perfect God that helps us to keep it together. I want you to know love, that I would never trade you in for 10 million years. I could never get someone else that would stand by me the way you have. I know that there is no one else in this whole wide world that loves me the way that you do. I am so glad that God has sent you into my life and that He is the center of our lives. I could never live without you and never want to try. We have come through 22 years of learning how to love each other and I am looking forward to another 100 years of learning to love you even more. I love you with all my heart Leah.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Weekend

This has been a very full and busy weekend! First of all, we got company on Friday!

Crystal came to see us - well.....she came to see Carrie and go dress shopping with us! It has been so nice to have her here! Carrie is blessed with a wonderful future mother-in-law!!!
Then Friday night, we met Christa for dinner. She came for her grandfather's funeral so we met her for supper! It was great to see her!! Made me miss David but at least we got to see her!

Then on Saturday, bright and early, this wonderful group headed out for the dress shopping adventure!! My fantastic sister, Sandy, Carrie, myself, Crystal and Ashley! We had so much fun!

So we went to the first place and we tried on this dress......

....and then we tried on this dress...

....but this place was NOT all it was cracked up to be so we left and went here....

Now THIS was the place to be! The girl there was so helpful to Carrie and we probably wore her out!! And so Carrie found THE dress and so here it is.........

wait a minute - you really did not think I would post that picture here did you?!?!?!?!?!?!? Ok - so that was the really bad ornery part of me showing!! So, this is the future bride signing that all important receipt for the purchase of THE dress!

One small step for Carrie towards her big day and one gigantic leap into the world of debt!!!