Monday, August 25, 2008

A Break From Wedding Pictures

It is my most humble opinion that the posts of wedding pictures will be postponed until this long journey we are embarking on to the far north is complete. There are several reasons for this! 1) Our Internet at home is being absolutely wacky and won't allow me to post the pictures. 2) I don't have the time! Now THAT is actually the main reason and I am sure you can figure out why! SO - I am thinking that this will be the last time you hear from me in the blog world for awhile!

Who knows what news I shall have to spew forth in the coming days but when I post again, I am absolutely positive that it will be right along the lines of my blog name!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wedding Pictures, Part 1

I will be the first to admit that it is waaay past my bedtime but I am up waiting on my children and decided to post some wedding pictures so if there are tons of mistakes and things get out of order, please - blame them!!
All I can say about this picture is that I am not sure if the new brother-in-laws are that good of an influence on the groom!!

This just shows the general chaos that goes along with any rehearsal and this one was no different!

One of these days I am going to do a blog about the rehearsal dinner but for now, let me tell you that these ladies are THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!

Christa's Aunt Carole bought this and set it by their places at the table! It is adorable and the dog tags have their names and wedding date on them!

At the last minute, Martha became the brides hairdresser and she did an outstanding job!

Ashley was doing hair....

....and Carrie was doing hair!

This is a picture that you should get used to seeing - David and his favorite little girl in the world - Cassidy!!!

If you saw Cassidy, she was usually surrounded by these boys! It was adorable!

These are two very proud parents and yes, those are real smiles!

That is it for tonight! I am too tired and the computer is being weird! I will post some more tomorrow afternoon!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Break From the Wedding for Other "Things"

Yes - the wedding pictures will show up eventually and it will probably be sometime Sunday afternoon when I have time to sit for awhile!
In the meantime, I have something else I want to talk about!!
You all have probably figured out by now that our family is moving away from Florida. Today is my last day to work with my favorite office mate, Donna. I met Donna several years ago when she moved to Hobe Sound with her family. For some reason, there was just a connection between us and we became friends over a period of time. A little over two years ago, I was looking for a job and already knew that Donna worked for this company. One day, I found an ad for the receptionist here and so I called, I interviewed and got the job rather quickly. For the last two years, it has been a complete joy to work with Donna! We have laughed more than any humans should be allowed! We have cried and talked and shared and bounced ideas and thoughts and just all kinds of stuff! Donna has listened to me complain and fuss and cry and whine - mainly because she knew that I did the same for her!! :)
Donna, it has been a privilege and a treat to work with you and I would not trade this past two years for anything in the world!! You are a wonderful, loving, caring friend and I am going to miss you SOOOOOOO much!! Thank you for being so sweet and kind to me and putting up with my quirky ways! I will never forget you and you will ALWAYS be in my prayers!! Love ya, girl!! (Hope you forgive me for stealing the picture!!!!!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Details Minus the Pictures

I know - you probably could care a less about my words and only want to see the pictures which will come eventually but for now, you will have to just put up with the words!
So, Ashley, Angela (another bridesmaid) and I set outta here on Tuesday morning for Crandall, Georgia. That trip went well other than some rain here and there. We went straight to Christa's house and enjoyed supper with her family. There had been a death in the family so Christa's sisters were already home. It was so nice to get to meet them officially and spend time with them! Wednesday we just did all kinds of wedding "stuff" which was tons of fun! Thursday morning I did something that I never want to do again which was drive DOWNTOWN ATLANTA to the airport to pick up Dave, Carrie and Josh! I NEVER want to make that drive at 8:00 in the morning EVER again!! As a side note, I have a couple of very ornery children - namely....Carrie and Josh! They got off the plan, came up the escalators and promptly told me they were engaged and I bought it hook, line and sinker! Then they went to get their luggage while I went with Dave to get his and asked Dave if Josh had talked to him about this and he said no which made me mad! We made it to the car and they told me they were just joking so after beating them both :) we went on our merry way! Rotten kids!! Thursday afternoon, David called his Dad and told him he was leaving early and coming to surprise Christa! We tried and tried to get Christa to spend the night with us at the hotel but she didn't fall for it! So - he showed up at her house around 3am and the surprise was pulled off! He got to the hotel in enough time to catch a few winks before the guys got him up to go play racquetball at 5:00 AM! Now THERE is something nutty for ya!! Anyway, Christa's bridal shower was at 8:00 and it turned out very nice! She received lots of nice gifts and I was so happy for her! We got back to the hotel and I, of course, had to do laundry! Some things never change no matter where I am! Then in the afternoon, I took along some help and decorated the fellowship hall for the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal was a usual rehearsal but it sure wasn't the worst one I had ever been too! The dinner went really well and I was so very thankful! The ladies in the church completely outdid themselves for the dinner! It was absolutely wonderful!! We had plenty of food and I was so thankful that it went great! We cleaned up and headed back to the hotel at a fairly decent hour!
Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and the rushing began at a very early hour. The girls were partially getting ready at the hotel and then were to finish at the church! Well, the fun started when Christa called with the news that the hairdresser who was to do her hair and her maid of honor's hair did not write the appointment down and therefore they were not at salon! So she came flying to the hotel for her sister to put hot sticks in her hair and we rushed off to the church! Carrie did the maid of honors hair who had never had an up do before and needless to say she was thrilled with the results! Carrie also did Cassidy's hair and Ashley's hair! Ashley had helped Joyce with hers and Haley with hers and 5 minutes before pictures were to begin, Carrie had about 4 girls surrounding her ready to help at a moments notice! It was kinda funny! Christa's sister Martha did hers and did an excellent job! The pictures went very well and the photographer was really good! He did great with the little kids which is great since Christa has 6 nephews, a nephew on the way and a LONE niece on the way! That was all kinds of fun!!
The ceremony was wonderful! The grandparents were seated, the moms were seated! That was a new and interesting feeling! Anyway, I digress!! Then when it was time for the bridesmaids, she had a couple of her nephews escort the girls down the aisle and the groomsmen came and met them! It was so cute! Cassidy did a great job as the flower girl which I KNEW would happen! That little girl had those little boys completely swooning over her but then the groom was no better!!!!!! Anyway, the bride came and the groom was smiling from ear to ear - which was pretty cool by the way!! She surprised him and sang with her sisters the song "Only God Could Love You More" and they did such a great job! Too bad no one heard the acapella one in the bathroom! Man - it was beautiful!!!! Anyway, he was surprised but in a nice way! Then they wrote their own vows and since confession is good for the soul, I was a little worried about that boy of mine! However those two really did well with that! Then instead of a unity candle, the did the braiding of three cords which was really neat and the only little hiccup of the day! The best man could not get it untied from off the pillow! Kinda funny actually! Instead of the usual prayer by the minister or the even more usual family prayer, David took the mike and prayed a prayer over his new family which was a BEAUTIFUL thing!! Anyway, the ceremony ended and there were one or two remaining pictures and then we headed downstairs for the reception! It went very well and the decorations were very country which suits Christa well! Her parents, his parents and the new couple were the receiving line and then the guests headed off to the food! We all stuck around and helped clean up and believe it or not, I was back in my hotel room by 5:30! We enjoyed pizza for supper with Ralph and Tara and our dear friends from IN, Woody and Ruth, Andrew Palacios and Philip Calderon. It was really nice outside and we enjoyed the evening!
Sunday morning, we went to the Scarbroughs for church and Dave spoke in the service! We really enjoyed being in their little church but I enjoyed hearing my husband even more!! We ate leftovers for dinner with the family and then loaded up a very full car and headed home! By 2am, we were half dead but we had finally made it home!
I have some pictures from a good friend that came for the wedding that I will post soon and then the official pictures will come a little later!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just Brief Details

I am finally done for the day other than putting on my pj's which can't happen until I can convince Josh to leave my hotel room!! :)
May I have the privilege of introducing you to Lance Corporal and Mrs. David Fulton, Jr.

I will leave the major details until I can think more clearly which may actually never happen! :) Lets just say that the wedding was beautiful and I am very thankful to God for the wonderful day we had!
Yes, we are all exhausted but it is a wonderful feeling knowing it is done!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fast Update!

It is 6:43 am on Friday morning and the groom surprised his bride-to-be around 3am this morning so all is right with the world! He has arrived in plenty of time for the rehearsal and we are all pleased as peaches!! That is all for now folks!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My New Favorite Quote

"It's ok to talk about catching firefly's but it is better to actually catch them!"

I know - sounds interesting, huh? This morning I heard that from a man who has 3 small children AND he has MS. It made me do some serious thinking which brings me to this blog!

Recently, I have done the bad deed of allowing myself to get caught up in the struggles and trials and emotional upheavals of my life at this moment that I have bypassed some wonderful opportunities for just fun! Yes I have a child getting married in 10 days and yes, I am moving 1,157 miles away a short 12 days later and yes, that makes me very busy right now. Yes, there are so many emotional issues involved in those 2 events that sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going! HOWEVER, lesson learned this morning - NEVER take life and the small things for granted!

I will take the time to wipe the tears from my hurting girls! I will also take the time to laugh like a hyena at the "sounds" they make from pure stupidity! (Enough said!!!) I will take the time to cry just because I am "marrying off" my oldest child and laugh when he finds the dumbest stuff online while we are all on a "conference call" with Skype! I will take the time to grouch when the "to-do list" left for the above mentioned children does not get done! I will also take the time to watch a silly episode of the "Dick Van Dyke Show" just for the fun of it! I will (more than likely) worry myself sick about the two events and end up exhausted after "sleeping" all night! I will also trust in an ALL-KNOWING, ALL-SEEING God who can do a MUCH better job at handling all this!!

I have usually struggled with letting my emotions get the better of me and every once in awhile I just need a wake-up call to remember that my life is blessed because I have Jesus to walk through my life with me! I am blessed because I have a husband who is just simply the best in the world! I am blessed with a son who is starting his own family and doing what he believes in! I am blessed because my two girls are ........ just the best! I am a blessed person today and believe it or not, all is well in my world!! Want a challenge? Go count your blessings and then take your kids and go catch some fireflies!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just an Update and Thoughts!

Well, lets see - I am not sure where to start but here we go! Wedding plans seem to be coming along quite nicely! We are fast approaching the wedding to be held in lovely Georgia in two weeks! It has been neat to see God take care of things that we thought close to impossible! I like hearing from Christa or her Mom, Linda, about the way things are going and how things are falling into place! As a matter of fact, there are actually a few things that we would like to see God answer prayer about and (in the human) do it pretty quick!
1) The house that David and Christa were going to get fell through so it seems he is back to square one where that is concerned and two weeks before the wedding causes us some panic!!
2) The Marine Corp has not made a decision as to when it will allow David to be off so he may very well be absent from his own rehearsal and that we do not want to have! We would love for them to allow him AT LEAST Thursday and Friday off as well as maybe a couple of days after! God knows what they WANT and what they NEED!!
3) The bridesmaid's dresses are all either fixed or being fixed and we are praying that it all comes together well!
So - two weeks from tomorrow the wedding will be on and right now, we are all very, very excited. I am of the opinion that NO ONE is as excited as David and Christa!
Dave is in IN looking for........lots of things! :) I am busy working and sorting and throwing and tossing and cleaning and sorting and ...... I think you get the picture. I can't say that I have accomplished much but I am working on it! You never seem to realize how much you have accumulated until you go to move!
I am anxiously awaiting the return of my youngest daughter on Monday from Indiana! The house is just a little quieter when she is not around so I am ready for the noise level to pick up! Carrie is busy working, taking a class and....oh yes, spending time with Josh! Such a shock I know!
I think that is it and may be it for a few days! Its Friday, I have a wedding to attend tonight and enough to do Saturday to keep me busy from dawn to midnight!