Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sometimes Life Just Happens

It is quiet here this afternoon. My poor hubby is laying on the couch feeling so very miserable. He is to start a revival on Tuesday so I am praying he gets better quickly!

When I look at my to-do list, blogging is not high up on the list. It should be but it isn't. Actually, there is so much going on that I could just about blog every day but time just doesn't allow for that. Two weeks from today is graduation day for me. I have only waited 20+ years for this so I guess you can say its a big deal! But, that is what my life is all about right now - finishing up my final semester of college. In reality, a week from tomorrow all of my assignments will be done and maybe, just maybe life will slow down for me. :)) Yea, I am not holding my breath on that one!

My wonderful children are all doing well. We got to go to FL to celebrate Addison's 2nd birthday and had a wonderful time! David and Christa are expecting their second blessing in September. I think they need a boy! My son NEEDS a boy!! He DESERVES a boy!! :)) Josh and Carrie are doing well and enjoying a busy life! Andrew and Ashley are living close enough to borrow my vacuum! :)) Sorry - I am enjoying teasing them about that! I love my kids and am proud of all of them!

Dave is keeping himself very busy between his work in town and his traveling schedule. I love that man!! In March we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I wouldn't trade a thing!

I am thinking about writing my "life story" here on my blog but I haven't decided. Maybe I think it will be "therapeutic" if I put it in writing. Then again, maybe there will be those who hope I don't share that at all! :)) Time will tell! I am looking forward to having things slow down some now that school will be over! Until next time I remain - the talebearer of the funny farm!