Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess Who?

I know - this updating my blog thing has really taken a backseat to pretty much anything and everything else in my world. I never realized how many people actually read this but never commented! I mean.....I was even reminded by my father-in-law some time ago that I had not updated and "when are you going to do that?".

To be honest, I really just don't have the time and I am pretty sure that any small window I have had in the past will be non-existent by the time January rolls around. You see, silly me has decided that I need to find a way to gain back the brain cells my children have been frying for the last 22 years and I am heading back to school. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Most definitely. Scared? A little. Nuts? Without a doubt! But - I am! I am going to go to Ivy Tech and get an Associates Degree in Business and hopefully, go on and get my Bachelors in Human Resources but time will tell. For starters, I have to go back to basic Algebra which literally sends chills up and down my spine! So other than working full time and "sorta" taking care of my house, that will be my world!

Dave has been traveling quite a bit and is home for another week or so and then will be gone for a couple of weeks and then home till the spring! He LOVES evangelistic work and I am so very proud of him! We are blesses that he has such a great boss who lets him come and go as he needs to!

Kids are all well! David and Christa are handling the constant changes the Marine Corp world throws at them quite well. The newest addition to our family fondly referred to as "THING" is doing well and causing the mommy to need sleep, throw up on occasion and declare often that "Your grandkid hates me!!". We hope to find out in the next little while if it is a boy or girl that will appear but the jury is still out on what anyone wants I think!! Josh and Carrie are unfortunately enduring all the nosy questions as to when they will be having a baby! The poor girl can't sneeze without someone asking if she is pregnant! I mean really - can't they survive the first year of marriage first?!?! But - they were raised well and are handling life as it comes with a smile and enjoying married life in general!! Ashley is breezing through her senior year of school, a new job and for some reason, we CANNOT get her to agree to spending her life at home with her parents! Annoying! :)) There just seems to be someone who has attracted her attention and therefore, AGAIN, our last child is growing up FAR TOO FAST!!! But - we like him anyway!!!

So - there you have it! The very latest, up-to-date information regarding the goings on at the funny farm! Who knows? Maybe I WILL update this more often! I feel better all ready and it is only 8am!!!! I have lost my desire for taking pictures so maybe I will work on that too in my spare time! But then that would mean I would have to find the camera and the cord to plug it in and then remember how to upload - oh....forget it, my brain just fried on all that! Maybe I will leave the downloading of pictures up to the hubby!!! GREAT idea Leah!!! When I start talking to myself in my blog, it is a sign to be done!

Happy Fall everyone!