Saturday, March 9, 2013


I heard someone tell a story not long ago in their testimony at our prayer meeting.  They had been going through a very dark time and finally got to the point where the only way they could rest at night was just to picture themselves crawling into the arms of Jesus.  That testimony spoke volumes to me and has continued to do so. 

One of my very favorite pictures of me and my Daddy was taken long before my "memory" kicked in.  I was a baby - Dad was in a rocking chair with me laying on his shoulder and we both were asleep.  Being held by my Dad - that picture is such a treasure for me.  My Dad was no weakling let me tell you!  Just ask my brothers who often tried to get Dad to play "mercy" with them.  Remember that game where you lock hands and see who says "mercy" first?  Yea - it was NEVER Dad!  :))  Anyway, the older I got the more I enjoyed those times when Dad would wrap his big arms around me.  That emotion??  One of rest.  I was safe because Daddy was holding me. 

April 16th, 1995 - Easter Sunday - my Daddy went to be with Jesus.  I can choose to either sit here and smile as I remember him or I could burst into tears.  Given my current location - I think I should stick with the smile.  :))  There have been some pretty dark times when I longed for a hug.  That place of safety and rest that I thought only came from Dad.  Fast forward to now - that testimony spoke VOLUMES to me.  When the load gets heavy, the path dark, the way unknown, the fears huge - when life becomes unbearable....I picture myself being pulled into the arms of my heavenly Father.  Rest.  It doesn't change my circumstance at the precise moment.  I still "feel" the heaviness of life but.....there is comfort in knowing that I can rest in His arms and trust that all is well because HE loves me so much more than my earthly Father could have. 

So - I am resting.  Today?  Not an easy thing to do.  Burden is heavy, life is.......interesting.  But, my Father is holding me and that is all I need for now.