Friday, October 26, 2007

Just a Family Update

Hello all!! No pictures today, no great news to tell of, no in-depth housework to speak of (which is quite noticeable), no broken bones to tell about!!! Just usual ordinary life going on.

Ashley is into the serious practicing for the High School Christmas Play so she is very busy with that as well as the usual practice for the Singing Tree our church does. The dreaded "Drivers License" test is coming up so hopefully that will go well!!

Carrie is currently walking around in a walking cast for another 3 weeks. There were some torn ligaments but the doctor felt that the cast and therapy would take care of things so we are all thankful that no surgery is needed. She is to hopefully hear about a possible job today so she is really excited about that.

We haven't heard from David in about 9 days now so that is somewhat discouraging in some ways. In other ways, the old adage that "no news is good news" is definitely the case here!! We try to just keep busy and keep the letters going!! I send him a box one week and Christa sends him one the next!! It's actually kind of fun trying to find fun unique things to send him!

Dave and I are busy trying to keep up with life in general. One thing about it - there is never a dull moment in our house! For instance, if you think about it you can say a prayer for us!! We will have a house full of teenagers tonight!! Why? I really can't tell you - it's just the meeting place for the evening! Should be interesting to say the least!

See - nothing big to brag about, no great and wonderful things happening - EXCEPT....God still loves me and I still love Him and that makes all the difference in the world!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Redeemer Lives

You know how sometimes God uses things that just catch us completely off-guard to show us something that we really need to hear? Well, that happened this morning to me.
I had to help Carrie get her hair washed and get ready for school this morning and was somewhat worried about getting it done and still have time to have devotions but I managed. I have been reading in the book of Job - boy, did he have some "great" friends or what??? Anyway, today I was reading along and came upon these verses we are all very familiar with but they spoke to me again.

For I know that my Redeemer lives,
And He shall stand at last on the earth;
And after my skin is destroyed, this I know,
That in my flesh I shall see God,
Whom I shall see for myself,
And my eyes shall behold, and not another.
How my heart yearns within me!

First, I "KNOW that MY Redeemer Lives". Sometimes I may not FEEL it but I still KNOW it!! And - He is MY Redeemer! Second, when all else is gone, HE will STILL be standing! Third, when there is nothing left of me, there is still God! Fourth, I will "see for myself". One day, I will see Him for myself and no one else will really matter! Last, how I long for that day!!! No - I am not wanting to die but to just see Him in all His glory and be able to thank Him for saving me!!!

Then, I came to work and was checking up on emails, blogs and such. I have a website that I visit everyday that is a group of people who are Marine Mom's, Dad's, Wives, Fiancees, Girlfriends, Sisters and such. One of them posted a video from YouTube that was of a girl singing the song, "My Redeemer Lives". I sat and watched the video and wiped away the tears. God had used something so simple yet so beautiful to speak to me and reinforce the thoughts to me that He STILL lives on! He is in control and nothing anyone can say or do will ever change that! I get bogged down sometimes in the things going on around me - some think I get bogged down all the time - but I am so thankful that God knows me better than anyone and knows exactly WHAT I need, WHEN I need it!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Volleyball + Winning = ER

Friday night was the annual 3 on 3 Volleyball Tournament at school. Either the Junior or Senior class does this as a fund raiser and it really brings in the money! Well, this year Dave played with Nathan Veyon, Mark Budensiek and Brent Jones. Carrie and Ashley played with Joel Veyon and Gideon Stence. The games started at about 6:30 and there were 18 teams. They play double elimination so I knew we were going to be there awhile. Unfortunately I spent most of my time watching the girls play and not as much time watching Dave play - hence the lack of pictures of his team. Well, the girls team was rolling right along and then the excitment really began in earnest!! Carrie served the winning point for her team and was so excited she started to jump and down but the down part is where the trouble started. She came down, heard a pop and hit the deck! Of course, she refused to cry but she was in some intense pain. We managed to get her off the court but she was very adamant that she was NOT leaving the court until she figured out where her team would end up. So - that meant that it was up to Ashley, Gideon and Joel and lo and behold, those three turkeys came in third place!!! They managed to stick around until about MIDNIGHT!!!!! I was EXTREMELY proud of them!!! 12:30 found Carrie and I at the ER and the X-rays showed no break but a possible torn ligament so off to the orthopedic doctor this Wednesday morning!! What joy!!! Her foot is in a temporary cast until then and she is to put no weight on it at all. You should have seen us getting her ready for her classes this morning!!! Anyway, some pictures are here to show off their v-ball skills!!!

Just ask anyone - this is one sky-high serve! She managed to get more than one point for her team!! And yes - she is about 10 feet from the line!! That girl has some serious power!!

Ashley, Carrie and Joel ready for the serve from the other team!

Gideon, Ashley and Joel ready to play with Carrie on the sidelines!

Carrie - before the injury and subsequent trip to the ER!!!

Joel Veyon and Doug Wiseman (who played on another team) taking a break from playing to sit on the ground in front of me for standing in front of me was a bad idea!!!!

So that was our weekend. Don't really want to spend another one like it any time soon!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Psalms 3:3

I have been pondering this blog for a little over 24 hours and am still not sure exactly how it will turn out but here goes.
Psalm 3:3 - For thou O Lord are a shield for me; the Glory and the Lifter of my head."
This verse has become something very special to me recently and even more so since about 6:15 yesterday morning. Since this is the Internet and everyone has access no matter how much I wish they didn't, I still must be careful what I say so I will just provide you with a few sketchy details. Yesterday as I was getting ready for work the phone rang and it was David. He had returned from a short "trip" and was checking in. Reality? - Oh yea, he wanted to let us know his "truck" received some unexpected damage in an accident(?). Those responsible for that damage were quickly "disposed" of and he arrived back at his starting point safe and sound along with all of his friends. He sounded quite tired and had a very bad headache from the accident but all was well. He talked to his Dad for a little while and then signed off to talk to his "better half" and then hit the bed.
So after literally picking myself back up off the floor, I went on with my day but I couldn't get two thoughts out of my head and so I am sharing them. Sharing them probably for therapy for me but to give you something to think about also. First thought - the Lord is not only a "shield" for me but a "shield" for those I pray for. I pray for David every single day and pretty much all day long if you want the truth. The fact is - the Lord is a "shield for me" to protect me from things HE doesn't want to happen. Newsflash - that doesn't mean He is protecting me from bad things that "I" don't want to have happen to me. You want honesty - I am NOT there yet but I am working on it.
Second thought - how many of you took your babies to church on a Sunday all dressed up and dedicated them to God? How many of you pray every single day that God will use your child in whatever way HE desires? Then you thank God for them and commit them to His care for that day? See - I did all that and still do all of that. But since yesterday morning I have been trying to figure out how to still do that even if it means God's Will is one of them going to Heaven REALLY REALLY early! Any thoughts on how that is supposed to happen? I know - sounds morbid doesn't it? The truth is I know that God knows best and knows exactly what needs to happen in the lives of all three of my children. It has just been made quite fresh and new to me that my ways are not His ways and while I pray those things and think I really do believe them, do I really BELIEVE them?
Don't get me wrong - I thanked God ALL day long yesterday for His protection. My advice? Hug your children close, thank God for them and be very, very careful what you pray for and how you pray it. Truthfully? He does answer prayer - just not always how we think He should.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Love of My Life

I have been thinking about this blog for a long time now. No, it isn't my anniversary, it isn't his birthday, it's October so it obviously isn't Valentine's Day. Sweetest Day isn't even until a week from Saturday. But - I wanted to blog about my husband.
We have been married for over 20 years and my life with him only gets better!! We are learning a whole lot about being married that I wish we could have learned a long time ago. So - this is going to be about Dave and I am giving you the chance to get to know him better so sit back and enjoy the ride!!
Dave is very private and loves to be either alone or with his wife and kids and that does it for him. He has made his family the center of his world and we all love it there! It used to be that I always wanted company or wanted to be around people and he preferred the exact opposite. Now - just give me my house, my husband and my kids and I am perfectly fine. Dave makes our family complete!!
He is the nut of the family - just ask his kids. He keeps us all in stitches!! There are times when I have to shut him up in some room so that we can get a chance to breathe!! When we are feeling down or blue, along comes Dave and that mood changes abruptly!! You get him and his three kids going and now add Christa to the bunch and the laughing goes on and on and on!
Dave has an EXTREMELY stressful job but it NEVER gets taken out on his family! Sure we know the frustrations for we ARE normal but he never grouches at us or makes us feel that we are part of the problem. I am constantly amazed at the attitude that comes from Dave through the frustrations! He has truly taught our children what it means to go through life handling day to day frustrations with the right spirit!
He hurts along with the restof us in the family over our current situation with David but you would never know it. He is strong for us and is always checking up on us to makes sure that we are okay! He is VERY, VERY protective of his family, especially his daughters. He is VERY proud of his son and will take NO negative discussion about the Marine Corp AT ALL!
And then there is me!! I have the best husband in the world. For instance, Dave and I both work and he gets home before I do. Many, many days I get home from work and supper is already well on its way to being done. AND that is Weight Watchers suppers mind you!! He will work on laundry, he will do dishes, he keeps the outside of the house taken care of, I never have to worry about the vehicles. The list will go on and on!! He is ALWAYS praising me and encouraging me in my weight loss (or lack thereof!!). He will care for me willingly when I am sick or just feeling blue!! But - you know what I appreciate even more than all that??? He walks what he preaches to his family about. He prays with us and for us. He teaches us from God's Word. He encourages us to have a personal relationship with God and then shows us how to do that on a daily basis. That means more to me than anything.
In my "old" age I have become very, very protective of Dave. I get easily frustrated at people for saying things that are untrue. The confidence level I have for people takes a quick nosedive when I see them being negative with Dave. But then that is what is supposed to happen. I am determined to always be Dave's NUMBER ONE fan!! I support him 100% in all that he does. He is my hero, my very best friend and the love of my life!!! I love you, Dave!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Seeking Advice

I know, I know - this is a first. I have a question for you all!

I am looking for good sheets that do the following:
1)don't wrinkle in the dryer
2)don't get "bally"
3)don't need ironed
4)stay crisp
5)smell good!!!!
So my questions are:
1)name brand?
2)thread count?
3)wash in cold or warm water?
4)iron or no iron?
5)dry in dryer or on clothesline?
6)what makes them smell the best?
I know - it probably sounds silly but I am an inquiring mind that wants to know!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For Someone's Lack of Patience

You see, "SOMEONE" did not want to wait her turn and so the first words out of her mouth were, "what about me"? She was going to get a post all of her own but she wouldn't wait!!! Bad girl!!!! Ok - enough horsing around!!!!!
This is Christa - read below for further details!!!

Once upon a time in a land far away (the Smoky Mountains), lived the Family that had three children who attended a Christian School where "Miss Susan" taught. Now, Miss Susan had a Little Sister who lived too far away to attend school but was home schooled by her Mom. Every once in awhile her parents would bring the Little Sister to school so she could run and play with all the other lovely children. Little Sister often saw fit to chase after the family's oldest child, the Son. Little Sister often had her long blond hair in two french-braided pony tails which were probably used as weapons on occasion!! Anyway, a "hate" relationship was born between the Son and the Little Sister. Years passed, the Family moved away and the Little Sister grew up.
In the Son's Junior Year of High School, what to his wondering eyes would appear but the Little Sister. She came to his school to finish her last year of high school. Come Spring, SHE asked HIM to escort her to the Junior Senior Banquet. Oh the laughter the family had when the memories came forth!!! Life moved on and the Son decided after graduating to join the Marine Corp. Little Sister was in college and unbeknownst to the Family, "more than friendship" was happening between these two. Boot camp came and went, college went on, dating started and then the inevitable - ENGAGEMENT!!!!!!
Ok - enough storytelling!! When David and Christa first started officially dating back in January, I had quite the interesting talk with Christa and probably scared her to death!! But - I was the MOM after all!!! Anyway, Christa is absolutely a wonderful girl!! I believe that God is making her and molding her into the person He wants her to be and the wife that David will need!! We love having her around. She is a blast!! I could listen to her southern accent with no problem!! I am so thankful to have another daughter to have in our family!! We are grateful that God has provided someone for David that shares his faith and will help him in his walk with God.
So - there ya go Christa!!! Your very own blog!!! How did I do????

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

News & Such

First for the news, let me tell you that I am somewhat frustrated and somewhat happy at this moment. I was just talking to Christa on my lunch break and MISSED A CALL FROM DAVID!!!!!!!! Ok - done screaming now! He called back for just about 30 seconds or so. Anyway, he called - he is safe and I am happy (?)!!!!!
Now the "such". These (of course) are my daughters. This blog is about them and so since they actually get on here and read what I blog about - I decided to surprise them today!!

Carrie is 18 and a Freshman in College. We are in the process of adjusting to this new phase of life for her but she is handling it really well. Carrie is not a morning person. Actually, she is no where NEAR a morning person, but almost every single morning since she started college, she has gotten herself out of bed and ready for school and has been on time!! For her, that is a great accomplishment. She is taking a full load of classes and doing very well keeping up with her assignments and papers and reading and such!! She has tried out for a summer music group and so we are waiting to see how that turns out later this week. Carrie is beautiful, talented, fun, loving, honest, a great friend, a good listener, and loyal to a fault. I am not going to explain that last one but she knows what I mean! Carrie is getting to be a great cook - with help from her mom's latest cookbook!! She will work on the laundry for me and occasionally clean her room with out too many reminders!! More than all that though, she really loves God. She wants to serve Him and do His will for her life and that means more to me than anything. She has been through some very, very rough spots but God is really helping her to trust Him. I am anxiously watching to see what God has in store for my oldest daughter. Carrie - I love you and you are my favorite oldest daughter!!!

Ashley - oh my - what all I could say about my Ashley!! I would love to start off with all her nicknames but if they got on the Internet, she would disown me!! Ashley is 16 and a sophomore in high school. She is trying very hard to finish learning to drive so that she can get her license. Her parents just aren't cooperating in this area!! She is my singer - at the oddest times and in the oddest places, you will find Ashley singing. This is my "neat freak", for the most part anyway!! She can only handle a mess for so long and then you had better look out. I can remember at certain times catching her in the right mood and then asking her to organize my canned goods!! That was hilarious!! She is beautiful, bright, cheery, happy-go-lucky, friendly, a great friend, honest and stable!! Stable in that "change" is a word and action that is completely OUT of the question in her mind!! She has a part coming up in the high school Christmas play that she is very excited about. The "story" going around is about her "husband"!! Ask her about it if you see her!! Ashley is always seeking to please the Lord and that pleases me greatly!! She has also gone through some difficult spots recently but has come out on the other side shining brightly.

I love all my kids but I am very mindful of the fact that I can't let one situation get all my attention. I have blogged a lot about David and his trip "over yonder" - so much so that I thought I would do a blog about my girls and let you all know how great they are!! So there ya have it - my girls!!