Saturday, May 4, 2013

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep.......

So, I am typing this blog from a place where I can't add pictures.  I know - shocking that I would blog without pictures!  :)  And trust me, I have plenty of pictures to share!  After all, we have had the birth of another grandchild!  And Christa is EXCELLENT at sending us constant pictures of the beautiful grandchildren my kids keep tucked FAR AWAY in Florida.  No, I am not bitter or upset by that at all!  After all, (as David often reminds his parents) WE are the ones who moved away!  :)

April 15th is normally a day that strikes fear in our hearts since we have to pay taxes that day.  Isn't self-employment just the dreamiest thing????  Or not!  Anyway, I digress!  :)  After more than one hour of labor, little miss Estaley Bronwyn Ruth Wilhelm entered this world at 12:52 pm weighing 8.2 pounds and 21 inches long.  A beautiful little girl who has turned her mom and dad into complete mush!  :)  Mommy, Daddy and baby are all adjusting as normally as possible with proud grandparents close by.  She is a good little baby when she decides to let her parents sleep at night but I am pretty sure they wouldn't trade her for anything!  Now, the little four legged creature who barks loud on occasion and wakes her up - he might be traded for a little copper penny!! 

It appears this post is turning into a sappy "Nana" post!  But, want to know something really cool??  I love my iPhone!  I love being able to do Facetime with all the kids!  What is so neat is when Christa calls and she shows Lil' David my face and I say "Hi" he just instantly smiles!  It is pretty neat this technology thing! Listening to Addison chatter away and watching her little mind work is so cool!  I can't always understand what she is saying but let me tell you, she works hard to get her point across!  Being apart is not easy but our handy, dandy little smart phones help a lot!  :)  David is not necessarily fond of phones much but it is a neat thing to watch him interact with his kiddos!  He and Christa do a pretty awesome job at the parent thing as well! 

As for Josh and Carrie, I love being able to call and see them whenever.  That is especially easy with them because they aren't often apart - a fact we tease them about a lot!  :)  They are both finishing up some college courses and working!  And yes, so that you all know - I keep asking for more grandkids but man, adult children just don't always listen to their parents!  :) 

So - once again I am posting about my great kids, wonderful grandchildren which problem draws groans from the few who read here.  But, want to know what is really great???  Enjoying this phase of life called the "empty nest" with my best friend ever.  We are gone a lot on weekends - it is obvious if you go look inside my house.  It suffers greatly from a dust overload.  But, dust or no dust, I am thoroughly enjoying spending time with Dave and just "living life" together! 

Ok - that is it for now!  Who knows, I may go home today and add some pictures to this!  :)  I guess you will just have to wait and see!