Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Sandy!

Happy birthday to my wonderful sister, Sandy! 
Since I have no worries whatsoever about her reading this blog, I shall take this opportunity to just tell it like it is!  :)  I have searched and searched for a picture of her to put on here but I don't have one with me!
Sandy is 9 years older than I am.  I have always said that we were never close growing up.  We were and are so very, very different.  I was outside with the boys, she was inside cleaning.  I can talk about sports and she can easily make fun of sports. 
But, life has happened and I consider Sandy to be one of my very best friends.  She probably still considers me to be her pesty little sister but that's ok!  :)   So here is a blog about my sister!
1) The one I call when I am sick and need to know what medicine to take!
2) The one I email and text just about more than anyone else on a regular basis!
3) The one I whine and complain to when things are going rough for whatever reason.
4) The one who loves my kids, their spouses and their kids unconditionally and does whatever she can to help them and support them - even IF she may not agree with them. 
5) The one who patiently cares for her mom and another lady without complaint.
6) The one who spends money on me at Christopher and Banks! 
7) The one who buys me high-quality shoes!  :)
8) The one who kindly loans me a Coach bag to use whenever I ask!
There are so many other things I could type here but I won't.  Mainly because I don't want the shopping excursions to stop!! :)
Sandy, thank you for being you and loving your pesty little sister!