Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A quick update

I talked to my brother the other night who noticed that I had not updated the blog in awhile! So this is for Jim!!!

I am cold and not really excited about the snow!!! We have boatloads of it and I am not really happy about that!!

The wedding plans have begun and we are busy, busy with that! Just think - that means spring and summer have to be on the way!!!!!!!

There ya go - an update!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am...........

wishing my very favorite daughter-in-law a wonderful 21st birthday!!! I hope that she has a fantastic day!!

Christa, I am very thankful that God brought you into our lives and to our family! I know that celebrating today will not be easy with David gone but I hope you have a great day and please know that we love you lots and lots!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


........the future Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Kline!!!!!

Carrie and Josh are officially engaged!! More details to follow at a later time!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok - the time has come for me to share the news! I know - it has been too long but here it goes anyway!

There is just one thing - the news that I was going to share is no longer news. Are you confused yet?!?! I guess I need to explain myself huh???

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at a house to buy and then put a bid on it. We (actually me) were pretty confident that we would get it and hence, the reason for the big new news announcement in my last blog. However, the Lord decided that it was not the house for us and so our offer was rejected. We are back to looking and waiting for the right place to come our way!

So - I am sitting here laughing because I am sure that was not the news you expected which makes me proud of myself! I know it was rather ornery of me but I can't help it! I should apologize but........I just can't do it!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year (a little late!)

I am taking advantage of a little quiet time to catch up on reading some blogs and emails and thought I would update my own blog as well. I should really not be doing this and you would understand if you could look around at the house!! OHHHHHHH......what a mess!!!

What an interesting year 2008 was! It definitely had some good points and along the way some rough spots! I had my last birthday in January! I just simply won't have anymore! April was a ton of fun since we got to attend David, Jr's homecoming from Iraq! Dave resigned his position with FEA and so June was spent tying up loose ends there. There were the endless plans and things to accomplish for the big wedding in August. And then two weeks later we moved to IN. The end of September brought the excitement of me beginning a new job at a bank! Then the realization that we still HATE to be cold! We had a great time with family over Thanksgiving and then the Christmas holidays! These are just the highlights but I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone by!

The passing of time makes me think of so many things and my brain usually moves from one to another at a very rapid pace. My kids are all growing and changing and entering new phases in their lives. We just spent almost two weeks with a married child in our house for the first time! That was a bit unusual and I am sure that David and Christa would have other words to describe their time here!! I may very well be "losing" another child in this next year so that is taking some adjusting! And ---- my baby girl has her first official boyfriend! So much change has gone on and there is still more to come!!

BUT - as usual, God is very patiently pointing out to me that HE has not changed and never will! In the ever-changing moments that are all around me, I am so very grateful that the ONE I need the most will always stay the same!!!

Come back again soon - there is bound to be some cool and exciting news in the next month or so, and no.......I am not pregnant and the news is NOT what you are thinking!!!!!!