Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New stuff!!

Ok - so there are no new pictures of the garden to post yet but only because I have not had the time to go take more! But - there is news and plenty of it!

Why do I have to have life-changing events happen to me so close together?!?! In two weeks, my youngest child will turn 18. In four weeks, my middle child will be getting married. In 8 months or so, I will be a grandma! Yes, you read that right! There is just something wrong with that picture!

Now for the disclaimer! For those of you who are blessed to meet my husband when I am not around, please do not judge him by the writer of this blog! The poor man has come home and reminded me on several occasions of people who read this!! Just do not blame him for my craziness!!!!!

Sorry this is so short and so full of meaning (not!!!)!! I may be getting too old to blog but time will tell!!! LOL!!!!