Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I am so far behind it isn't even funny.  :)  Do people even blog anymore?  It seems there are so many other ways to keep in touch but I am not one who uses them.  I do get on Facebook but am not one who uses Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or anything else for that matter.  Wonder what that makes me?  :) 
So many things have changed in my life since I blogged last that I am not sure where to start but this one thing I know - not EVERYTHING is meant for the great world wide web.  Too bad not everyone else knows that! 
Let's see - where do I begin?  David and Christa are having the "time of their lives" with three of the most wonderful grandchildren EVER!  (Yes, there are more of them but there are more paragraphs too!)  Addison is 7, D is 4 1/2 and Reagan is 17 months old.  Addison will be graduating from Kindergarten in a few short weeks and has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to a wonderful teacher and some awesome therapists.  Autism has opened up a whole new world to our family and we are all doing our best to pitch in and help where we can.  Trying to get her to read has been a fun and challenging experience but the school has been remarkable in helping with this!  D is a hoot and we lovingly refer to him as our "drama queen".  His favorite activity has ANYTHING to do with his dad and Papaw and working outside!  And, if they do anything without him, woe be unto anyone who prevents that activity!  Reagan is one big boy and full of vim and vigor let me tell you! I am pretty sure he will soon dwarf us all!  But his smile gets him out of trouble I am afraid!  As for the parents - well you know, it's all about the grandkids anyway!  :)  No really, the parents are doing well and staying busy!
Josh and Carrie are buzzing through life with Molly who is 3 and Amelia who is 18 months old!  Let me tell you - these two girls are a hoot!  Molly has some of the funniest things come out of her mouth!  But, we love her to death! Amelia is our little red head and so far, our only one.  But, she is a ham!  Molly may be starting preschool this fall and I am sure she will be loving that! She loves to be busy and if she isn't, well.....then things can be fun!  Amelia is just going to give everyone a run for their money and that is pretty much all there is to say about that!  These two have a favorite activity as well and it involves Papaw, and the other Grandpa and Grandma too!  Which brings me to the cool piece of news for Josh and Carrie - his parents moved here a few months ago!  They were able to buy a really nice piece of property just outside of town and we are loving having them close by!!  And, Josh's sister and her husband and two little boys will be joining us in a few weeks as well!  It's so cool when family gets here!  We are working on others but that will be my secret with the Lord!
Andrew & Ashley are living the dream of living in their very own home!  They are still getting settled in but loving it!  Estaley is now a big 4 years old and Brock is well on his way to 2 which doesn't seem possible.  Estaley gets to start pre-school this fall as well and we just can't talk about it or she will never be quiet!  :)  She goes into fits of delight when her eyes land on Papaw!  Brock is one busy little dude.  He has some physical issues going on which they are steadily working on.  He will soon have an appointment with his ENT who will be looking at his tonsils and adenoids.  Then a sleep study will be done.  This little one just simply doesn't sleep much at night which wears out his parents - that may be an understatement. Again - two little busy ones but hey, we will keep them!
Dave is still as busy as ever - pretty sure that won't stop.  He is either working or preaching, his two favorite things other than playing with his grandkids.  Due to the rain and cold, I am pretty sure he will be replanting the garden he worked so hard on a couple weeks ago before he left for two revivals.  He's a busy guy and it will only get worse when he starts on his wife's "to-do" list.  :)  The house is ready for some major work.....and a whole lot of minor stuff too! 
Me?  Ehhhh....that is boring so let's just say I am working, playing and working some more and playing on occasion.  :)  Life is moving along and sometimes I wish it would slow down.  I am trying to just learn to roll with each day - not an easy thing for me but I am working on it. 
Wonder how long it will be before I update again?!?!