Friday, October 31, 2008

Just me doing what I do best - TALKING!

For the record, I have voted! These mean people that don't like Obama or McCain either one and so have decided to not vote at all need to be shipped to ---- I don't know, maybe CUBA!!!!! Anyway, I think that prayer is the answer and then I think that whatever the outcome is, we have to accept it as the will of our ALL-KNOWING heavenly Father and live RIGHT before Him like we never have before! So, that is my take on politics and I am sure you are all pleased that I am nowhere NEAR that election ticket!!!

My favorite topic to blog about - my husband! I love that man! He is ....... hmmmm....I just went for a loss of words if you can believe that! Being in IN has reminded me of years gone by and I have gotten sappy! I am so incredibly thankful for the man I married and am thrilled that God has taught us to trust HIM in our marriage and to look to HIM for guidance and direction! More than one person thought this marriage would never make it past 6 months and I am THRILLED to no end to have proved them wrong! I am just smart enough to believe that but for the grace of God we would not have made it but learning about true commitment has made it happen! Anyway, I just wanted to brag on him today and tell you all that I married the best man in the world and am thrilled to death to get to spend the rest of my life with him!!

My job - I have thought off and on through my "short" life that I would enjoy working at a bank and the truth is...I DO enjoy it! I like my job, the pay is good, the insurance will be good once it kicks in and I enjoy the people I work with! I have handled more money in the last 4 weeks than I will ever handle in my entire personal life but hey, I can definitely dream!!!

My kids - oh wow! Do I have to go there?!?! Just kidding! David returned home safe and "sound" from his training! I am telling you that sometimes when he calls all I can do is laugh! He is a total nut!! At this moment it looks like he is staying on "home" soil for awhile and we are all glad for that! Probably no one is happier about that than Christa! I have a jewel for a daughter-in-law by the way!!! Carrie is working, learning what it means to spend her money keeping a car running and missing Josh! She is headed to FL for Thanksgiving and the countdown has already begun! I think Josh is a wonderful person to put up with this nutty family like he does!! Ashley has finished her first quarter of school, NOT enjoying Algebra II or Chemistry either one but loving her life OUTSIDE of school! Enough said!

My church - I haven't really blogged about this yet but I am getting ready to! As a matter of fact, that will be my blog tomorrow sometime AFTER I get off work and get back from a wedding and get my house cleaned up for Sunday!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some News, Happenings and Pictures

I know - it takes me forever to update my blog now and I am very sorry about that! Maybe it will get easier now that I have Internet at the house! Then again - maybe not! With the wacky schedule around here, only time will tell!
So.....we have had company, been freezing, we have been working and freezing, Dave has been traveling and freezing, we have continued settling in and freezing! By the way, have I mentioned that we have been freezing????????
This first picture is of Ashley and her "friend" Andrew. He is a very nice guy and we really like him. He seems to fit in with this wacky family quite well and so far has managed to pass the inspection of the following: sister Carrie, sisters boyfriend Josh, sister-in-law Christa, Mom (pretty important), Dad (VERY important) and she is still holding out hope that the brother will eventually give his approval!!!

This is what my couch looked like the first time that Andrew got to meet Josh and Christa!

Then Ashley got to go to Youth Challenge for the first time and really enjoyed herself! While she was gone, the rest of us decided to go see this guy - Mark Lowry!

He was joined by Stan Whitmire who not only could play the piano very well but also was a pretty good bass singer!

Also joining Mark was Lordsong and they were really good!!

We ended up sitting three rows from the front directly in the center of the stage so we could not have asked for better seats! The concert was really good! Mark Lowry is an absolute hoot but there were also some great songs that spoke to us!
Dave has been traveling and is getting ready to leave again tomorrow. He is doing well and I am so proud of him! I miss him tons when he is gone but I am so thankful that God has given him the desires of his heart!
I am still learning my job and trying to adjust to a different work schedule. It is interesting but so far I am enjoying it!
Carrie is enjoying her job and had a great time with Josh here this past weekend. She is already counting down the days till she goes to Florida for Thanksgiving!
Ashley seems to be having the time of her life in school and out of school! She is trying to keep up with her blog so check in with her for more details on her life!!
David will return home from training tomorrow and Christa is thrilled to no end! She really enjoyed being here for the week and we loved having her here! It was so neat to see how God has been helping her in her life and listening to how God is leading and guiding them in their lives! I had some family up for lunch on Saturday so they could see Josh and Christa. It was tons of fun and I especially enjoyed getting a whole bag of clothes from my wonderful sister!!
I am exhausted and ready for bed so I am done for now! I have not done a great job with the whole picture taking thing but am going to try to work on that!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh yes and one more thing.......

ANGIE - BE AFRAID!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!! You will be repayed quite nicely I am sure for that wonderful picture you posted!!!!!

Exciting News!

In the 30 seconds I have to post this blog - the news is that we finally have internet at our house and no one is happier about that than me!!!! I actually got to see my wonderful husband last night thanks to Skype!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will try to update you on the events of my life later!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A "Wordy" Post of Thoughts

This is my family! My mom is in the chair and then from the left is my sister Sandy, my brothers Greg, Jim, Randy and then me. As to the correct birth order, Randy is the oldest and then Sandy, Greg, Jim and me - the "perfect" baby!

We are a "unique" family and I think I am figuring out that we are not the only ones that can claim that! Let me try to tell you about the 5 of us! Randy is married to Chris and they have 3 kids and 2 grandkids. Sandy is married to Paul and their child is their dog! Greg is married to Diane and they have 4 kids and two grandkids. Jim was married to Sherry and they have two girls that are just about the same age as mine. Then of course there is me but if you have been reading this blog for very long, you know all about me!
I am thankful for my family more today than I have ever been. It is completely horrible that it takes death to make us realize what is really important. I remember when my Dad died and I thought that I would never survive that loss. I wondered how my family would ever make it. You see, we all loved dad equally but we all loved him in our own special way. He was something special to each one of us and I cannot tell you how desperately we each needed him in our lives. But God choose to take him to heaven and I still have no idea why!
Sherry was at UBC when my husband came home from the mission field when he was in third grade. They even "liked" each other as kids which we all still laugh about today! Sherry graduated from high school the year before I did and went to college there. She was a fantastic piano player and could sing just as well. Jim came to UBC for a year of college and met Sherry and they married the next summer. I had Carrie in July of 89 and she had Bethany 17 days later. Then I had Ashley in July of 91 and she had Katie the following December. The past several years, Sherry has had more than one physical problem and has struggled in ways that most of us would never understand. This past summer she had a stroke and was in the hospital for several days. She mainly struggled with putting her thoughts into words but was really starting to make some progress. This past Tuesday, Jim came home from work and knew that Sherry had not been feeling too great in the last day or so. She went to lay down while he went to run an errand and when he came back home, she was not responding to him. He called 911 and they worked on her at the house and then at the hospital but she was pronounced dead at 5:35. I had talked to my mom several times during this and Dave was trying to get home so we could get over there. We made the two hour drive to just be there for Jim. We came on back home and then headed back over there on Thursday evening for the calling hours and then spent the night for the funeral on Friday. Jim asked Dave to preach the funeral which he did a FANTASTIC job on!
Sherry is buried pretty close to where my Dad is and so when the committal service was over, we all seemed to migrate to Dads grave! I just had to stand there and wonder what is the meaning of all this pain right now. I am not meaning to question God but in my humanity, it was a real struggle. I tried to make sure that I hugged each one of my siblings and told them I loved them! I think in recent years we are all learning about what really matters in life!
Today my heart is sad that Jim and his girls are in this spot in their lives. Humanly, I just hate it and cannot comprehend it at all. But - I am resting in the knowledge that "Jesus doeth all things well". I love my family and am thankful that God is teaching us to rely on Him and Him alone!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bloggin' In A Big Ole' Hurry

I know - again...another blog with huge time constraints! Sorry!! I am of work a little early today and will be headed to my sister-in-law's viewing this evening. Her funeral is tomorrow at 2:00 and Jim called and asked Dave to be in charge! Please pray for him! It will be a huge task for him but I know he is completely capable!

I do not have time for much but at least wanted to let you know of the arrangements and to ask for continued prayer! Please pray that God will supply all the needs - financial, spiritual, emotional....there seem to be many! I am fighting the cold as are Carrie and Ashley! Please pray that God will give the physical touch we need!

It seems that the devil has been fighting our family at every turn this week - each and every one of us! BUT - God has so graciously reminded me that there is really nothing out there that He cannot handle...if I let Him that is! :) I am working on that very hard!

Must go! Dishes need washed with hot bleach water before I can go and there is still laundry to finish that Ashley has worked so hard on for me and still packing to do!

Thanks for the prayers! Please keep them up!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prayer Please

I just received word that my sister-in-law passed away just a few minutes ago. I don't have time to go into all the details but please pray for our family, her husband (my youngest brother) and her two daughters that are 19 and 17. Dave and I are headed there in just a few and the girls are staying here. Please pray for them also as they both have colds and one is heading my direction!

I am sorry that I am not making some individual phone calls but this is all I have time for right now!

Thank you!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Favor

I do not have a lot of time and I can't go into any details but I am asking for special prayer for our family! Maybe sometime I will be able to share more but for now, I am asking that you all pray for us! We are all doing our best to trust God for HIS will!!

The chorus that has gone through my mind all week is the following:

I cast all my cares upon You!
I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet!
And any time I don't know just what to do -
I will cast all my cares upon You!

Thanks in advance for your prayers!