Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

I am sure that I should be posting pictures of the many events and people in my life recently but for some reason blogger hates me today. I am imagining it is mad at me for my long extended absences but apparently it doesn't realize I don't care that much! :)))
So, for a quick update - Dave is actually home but that will change soon as a camp and several revivals call him away. And yes, he will leave about the time the tomatoes all turn red! :)) I will miss him and his cooking skills when he leaves! :))) David, Christa and Addison are about to make their journey south back home to Florida as we all do the happy dance that the stint in the Marine Corp is finally over! Thank you Jesus!! Josh and Carrie are thrilled with the prospects of spoiling Addison until such a time as they get their own! :)) Ashley is working close to full time and will soon be starting some college classes - that is if she can spare the time away from Andrew. :)) As for me, have I mentioned on here that I hate Math? Anyway, I work and I go to school and that is pretty much it. Two more weeks and the summer session will end and with it the hopes my grade is high enough that my math classes will end too!!!!!
In the hustle and bustle of life recently, God has stopped me in my tracks with some circumstances that have left me feeling slightly off balance. Have you ever noticed that when something like that happens, your scheduled daily Bible reading is sort of not exactly what you THINK you need? Well, there have been a few days when I just let my Bible fall open to a few places that have apparently been used a lot since the spine of my Bible seems to know exactly where to flop to. And then I stop myself and realize that nothing like that happens by circumstance or chance. If I let Him, God knows what I need to read and when I need to read it. As a matter of fact, things tend to go a little more smoothly in my life if I continue to remember that there is nothing that happens that He doesn't already know about!
So, yes I am rambling but as I sit in a very quiet house this afternoon missing my growing family, I am reminded that God is all I ever need and if I continue to hold to His hand, the rough roads of life tend to be a little easier to handle.