Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I am so far behind it isn't even funny.  :)  Do people even blog anymore?  It seems there are so many other ways to keep in touch but I am not one who uses them.  I do get on Facebook but am not one who uses Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or anything else for that matter.  Wonder what that makes me?  :) 
So many things have changed in my life since I blogged last that I am not sure where to start but this one thing I know - not EVERYTHING is meant for the great world wide web.  Too bad not everyone else knows that! 
Let's see - where do I begin?  David and Christa are having the "time of their lives" with three of the most wonderful grandchildren EVER!  (Yes, there are more of them but there are more paragraphs too!)  Addison is 7, D is 4 1/2 and Reagan is 17 months old.  Addison will be graduating from Kindergarten in a few short weeks and has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to a wonderful teacher and some awesome therapists.  Autism has opened up a whole new world to our family and we are all doing our best to pitch in and help where we can.  Trying to get her to read has been a fun and challenging experience but the school has been remarkable in helping with this!  D is a hoot and we lovingly refer to him as our "drama queen".  His favorite activity has ANYTHING to do with his dad and Papaw and working outside!  And, if they do anything without him, woe be unto anyone who prevents that activity!  Reagan is one big boy and full of vim and vigor let me tell you! I am pretty sure he will soon dwarf us all!  But his smile gets him out of trouble I am afraid!  As for the parents - well you know, it's all about the grandkids anyway!  :)  No really, the parents are doing well and staying busy!
Josh and Carrie are buzzing through life with Molly who is 3 and Amelia who is 18 months old!  Let me tell you - these two girls are a hoot!  Molly has some of the funniest things come out of her mouth!  But, we love her to death! Amelia is our little red head and so far, our only one.  But, she is a ham!  Molly may be starting preschool this fall and I am sure she will be loving that! She loves to be busy and if she isn't, well.....then things can be fun!  Amelia is just going to give everyone a run for their money and that is pretty much all there is to say about that!  These two have a favorite activity as well and it involves Papaw, and the other Grandpa and Grandma too!  Which brings me to the cool piece of news for Josh and Carrie - his parents moved here a few months ago!  They were able to buy a really nice piece of property just outside of town and we are loving having them close by!!  And, Josh's sister and her husband and two little boys will be joining us in a few weeks as well!  It's so cool when family gets here!  We are working on others but that will be my secret with the Lord!
Andrew & Ashley are living the dream of living in their very own home!  They are still getting settled in but loving it!  Estaley is now a big 4 years old and Brock is well on his way to 2 which doesn't seem possible.  Estaley gets to start pre-school this fall as well and we just can't talk about it or she will never be quiet!  :)  She goes into fits of delight when her eyes land on Papaw!  Brock is one busy little dude.  He has some physical issues going on which they are steadily working on.  He will soon have an appointment with his ENT who will be looking at his tonsils and adenoids.  Then a sleep study will be done.  This little one just simply doesn't sleep much at night which wears out his parents - that may be an understatement. Again - two little busy ones but hey, we will keep them!
Dave is still as busy as ever - pretty sure that won't stop.  He is either working or preaching, his two favorite things other than playing with his grandkids.  Due to the rain and cold, I am pretty sure he will be replanting the garden he worked so hard on a couple weeks ago before he left for two revivals.  He's a busy guy and it will only get worse when he starts on his wife's "to-do" list.  :)  The house is ready for some major work.....and a whole lot of minor stuff too! 
Me?  Ehhhh....that is boring so let's just say I am working, playing and working some more and playing on occasion.  :)  Life is moving along and sometimes I wish it would slow down.  I am trying to just learn to roll with each day - not an easy thing for me but I am working on it. 
Wonder how long it will be before I update again?!?!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Update

There has been so many changes in our family in recent times that I may need to use this blog as a means of keeping it all straight for me!  :)
Let's see - nothing has changed with Dave so that helps!  Still traveling, still preaching, still working on the side, still the Superintendent of CYM and still gardening! And, still the love of my life and very best friend!!
Me??  Well, I believe I have fully recovered from the previously blogged about foot surgery which is wonderful!  I can actually walk and not have numb toes!  Also, a little over 3 weeks ago I took a different position at the bank which has me about 3 minutes from work instead of 30.  I am very happy with the change and also the new training that will be coming as well.
This past weekend, for the first time in 9+ years, our whole family is living in the same town.  David and Christa have made the long move from Florida to Indiana.  This momma is BEYOND excited! Addison and D are adjusting as well as they can and enjoying playing with their little cousins as well as their Papaw!  :)  Christa is expecting their third child and due in December so there is a lot of excitement in their world!  David is adjusting to a normal work schedule of days instead of nights which I believe he is actually enjoying!
Josh and Carrie are expecting as well and she is due in November.  A few weeks back Josh was able to get a different job so they are relishing a normal work schedule as well!  Molly provides us with a lot of entertainment - some of which is behind her back!  :)  We simply can't laugh out loud when her parents are correcting her for something but there are times when that is mighty difficult!  But then, if you could see her "scowl" you would understand EXACTLY what I am saying! 
Andrew and Ashley are fast approaching the birth of their own little boy due August 5th.  And, they are in the process of building a house!  Talk about a lot of life changing events all at once!!  Estaley is growing like a weed and I mean that literally!  She is a tall girl!  But, I think she will be an awesome big sister!  
I think that catches me up!  I wonder what I will think when I look back on this in a few years??  :) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Mess in My Foot

Before I get to my foot, let me tell you a story.  A few years ago, I went to spend the weekend at a church camp where Dave was the evangelist and Larry & LaDonna Thomas were the singers.  In the evening service, I was sitting on the front row with Larry & LaDonna when it was time for Dave to speak.  He got up and as he was doing his opening remarks, he kept holding his one foot kind of funny and would randomly pick it up and shake it.  I was trying my best to remain calm and not be nervous but I could not figure out what in the world he was doing.  A couple minutes later, he came down a couple steps off the platform and would shake his foot and to be honest, I was starting to get somewhat embarrassed.  Finally, he stopped - sat down on the edge of the altar and said "Pardon me while I see what is wrong with my shoe".  As a side note, I thought poor LaDonna was going to fall off her seat from laughing and Larry was trying to get her to stop which made things even more funny!  Anyway, Dave picked up this tiny little stone and proceeded to preach a message about how little things in our lives can make us uncomfortable and walk different and become a bigger irritation.  A very good message and not one that many have forgotten. 
Fast forward to now - this past Friday, I had surgery on my foot to remove an neuroma. 
Do you see that little thing?  I have been dealing with - translation: ignoring - that little thing for a year or more.  Finally, after a couple trips to the podiatrist and two very painful shots, the decision was made that it had to come out.  This past Friday, I went into the surgery center and had it removed.  The doctor told Dave that it was bigger than he had anticipated so it was a good thing he got it out when he did.  I am now in a lovely walking shoe and bright red bandage, no driving for the next 10 days or so and pretty much sitting at my desk with limited walking.  Why?  Oh - because I chose to ignore something very little which turned into something very big.
So - why do I mention this?  Man, there are these little things in our spiritual life that can make us so uncomfortable and cause such pain.  In my case, I walked funny - couldn't wear any shoe comfortably - couldn't exercise more than 10 minutes at a time - couldn't be on my feet long - had to remove my shoe at such random and inconvenient times.  This little thing really became a huge burden to me!  Why didn't I take care of this when I first noticed it?  Why didn't I go see the doctor in the beginning?  Oh there are a litany of excuses - no money, no time, and the general thought that "it's no big deal, it will go away soon".  I chose to ignore it. 
While propped up in my husband's recliner yesterday afternoon feeling sorry for myself that I was by myself, bored and lonely - a gentle voice began speaking to me about some "little" things that were in my life that I have been ignoring and are on the verge of becoming large enough to have them "cut" out.  Another painful procedure if you ask me and one that I can avoid.  Little things like - eating too much or eating the wrong things, not reading and praying more consistently and with specific purpose, speaking my mind when I should be quiet, spending too much time on Facebook or Pinterest or the internet in general.  I know - little things but things that can become way bigger.  So, while I "convalesce" I am working on getting rid of the little things. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Sandy!

Happy birthday to my wonderful sister, Sandy! 
Since I have no worries whatsoever about her reading this blog, I shall take this opportunity to just tell it like it is!  :)  I have searched and searched for a picture of her to put on here but I don't have one with me!
Sandy is 9 years older than I am.  I have always said that we were never close growing up.  We were and are so very, very different.  I was outside with the boys, she was inside cleaning.  I can talk about sports and she can easily make fun of sports. 
But, life has happened and I consider Sandy to be one of my very best friends.  She probably still considers me to be her pesty little sister but that's ok!  :)   So here is a blog about my sister!
1) The one I call when I am sick and need to know what medicine to take!
2) The one I email and text just about more than anyone else on a regular basis!
3) The one I whine and complain to when things are going rough for whatever reason.
4) The one who loves my kids, their spouses and their kids unconditionally and does whatever she can to help them and support them - even IF she may not agree with them. 
5) The one who patiently cares for her mom and another lady without complaint.
6) The one who spends money on me at Christopher and Banks! 
7) The one who buys me high-quality shoes!  :)
8) The one who kindly loans me a Coach bag to use whenever I ask!
There are so many other things I could type here but I won't.  Mainly because I don't want the shopping excursions to stop!! :)
Sandy, thank you for being you and loving your pesty little sister! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Daybook 01/09/2015

While this picture was from a couple years ago, it is pretty much what our house looks like right now - minus the greenery and the little flag in the window.  We have snow and ice and VERY cold weather at this moment. 

Outside:  I think I covered that in the above picture.  My drive to work this morning was uneventful except for the people stuck behind me.  I refuse to go flying down a road with snow blowing over it to cover all the ice.  Nope - they can either have a heart attack or wind up in the ditch but not me.  :)

Reading:  Love and Respect - and I will explain why a little father down but I still love that book and wish I would have had it a LONG, LONG time ago!  Also, re-reading Lori Wick's book "Every Storm" and her book "Pretense".  Please don't ask me how many times I have read them - they are just my favorites and I haven't had a chance to make it to the library yet! 

Work:  Still thankful for my job although some days that may be harder than others.  Don't get me wrong - I like my job and the people I work with but both of those make me bang my head against the wall every once in a while.  Then I stop and thank the Lord I have a job, that it meets our needs and pray FOR those people and my attitude gets back in line.  :)

Family:  My house is quiet again.  Both a positive and a negative!  :)  Everyone in our family except maybe Andrew and Dave and David has been sick in one form or another.  This "cold" and "flu" bug just knocks a person down and getting back up is a challenge!  But, I think we are all about on the mend except for Christa who is really just getting it.  It is just another reason I will be glad for spring!  :)

Dave:  I am blessed - he took the car and filled it up with gas, shoveled the drive AGAIN this morning and sent me on my way.  I am glad he is usually home this time of year because shoveling is probably my VERY least favorite chore! :)

House:  Thankfully is clean!  Back to the Love and Respect book - A couple weeks ago our pastor and wife decided to do th3 6 week small group study with this book.  They had such a great response that they needed 2 sessions on Tuesday nights.  Then, a third one for Wednesday night which we offered to do at our house.  Hence the reason for reading the book again AND why the house is clean.  :)  I can't say my house is all that big and my little living room gets pretty full but our first meeting was fun!

Eating:  Homemade vegetable soup.  The cold and snow just screams SOUP to me!  Next on the list will probably be chili!  :)

Praying:  Hmmmmm....not sure where to start here.  There are several things I am praying for but for some reason, most of them are centered on me.  Don't get me wrong, I pray for a LOT of people and a LOT of different things but right now, it is "me Oh Lord standing in the need of prayer".  I just want my life to be in complete harmony with my Savior and the one way to do that is to be in communication with Him.  Sometimes I have a tendency to get too wrapped up in the problems and situations around me that I lose track of ME.  That may not make much sense to some but it does me.  :) 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Going to try something new.....

I really do enjoy my blog although it probably seems I don't since I don't update it very often.  I have said before that writing things down is somewhat therapeutic for me.  And, have you noticed that I like to have my words centered on the page?  :)  There must be more OCD to my brain than I care to admit to. 
I have seen several blogs that do something like a "Simple Daybook".  I believe I shall try that and plan to do one once a week.  And, I will start today.
Outside: The sun is shining but it is oh so cold.  I can handle the cold and even snow as long as
the sun is shining.  I am not one for the dreary days.
What I am reading: Nothing.  Sad but true.  However, one of my resolutions for the new year is to
change that.  But, to carefully consider what I read.  I can speed right through a fiction book
in no time at all but I don't want to just fill my brain with fluff. 
At work: I have to say that for the most part I love my job.  I really do!  I am a firm believer in making myself an employee that has job security simply because my
employer can't make it without me.  Weird I know but fact.  So, this next year I may be taking
some classes and extra training.  That should mean some busy, interesting days.
The family: is currently enjoying all being together except for David.  His job and training in Florida did not make it feasible for him to come home.  Stinks being an adult at times.  However, my little house has been overran with tiny little creatures who obviously love
their Nana.  Want to know how I know this?  One or two of them has graciously
decided to share their germs with me and now I have a monstrous cold.  Fun times. 
But, David is doing well with his new job, Christa is way busy with two busy children.  Addison is improving by leaps and bounds with the help of speech therapy and occupational therapy. 
She looks so much like her dad it is scary!  :)  David the III??  Now he is one active little
fella!  And, looks like his Momma and acts like his Daddy.  He is very vocal when he doesn't want to do something which is cute at times and not so cute at others.  However, watching him pray for a meal is quite precious! 
Josh and Carrie are doing their best to adapt at living in the
North Frozen Tundra of Indiana.  :)  They are enjoying their new house and letting Molly have actual floor space to play!  Molly has developed quite the attachment to her Papaw let me tell you!  It is actually quite comical.  If Papaw has one baby in his arms and it isn't her, there is trouble!  She has the funniest "side" walk to be seen! 
Andrew and Ashley are currently residing in a small trailer.  You know that statement Dave Ramsey makes "Live like no one else so you can live like no one else later"?  Well, that is what they are doing!  :)  Estaley is developing a personality of her own that at times makes me laugh out loud and at others I laugh quietly to myself while she is receiving a form of correction from
her ever vigil parents. 
Being a grandparent is not for the weak at heart let me tell you!  But - I wouldn't trade a one of them for anything! 
Dave: I will just say that I am one blessed wife.  He never ceases to amaze with me with his talents, his work ethic, his patience, his relationship with God - I just am blessed.  You should see what he made the girls for Christmas!!He built these "table troughs" and custom painted them for each one's kitchen or dining room decor.  Awesome!  And, I get one too!  :)  Want to know what true love is??  He puts gas in my car so I don't have to get out in the cold!  Yep - he's a keeper! 
He stays busy between working for a guy in our church, being superintendent of the CYM and his revivals.  Oh yes, plus all the little side jobs he does here and there!  :) 
At the house: Nothing new and there won't be until all the little and big "extras" are gone.  :)  I desperately need to get my tree down and put away.  I can only handle it for so long.  Plus, redirecting little fingers gets tiring!  :)  However, come spring or summer we are hoping for new carpet in the living room and trim replaced so that our living room remodel will be complete.
What I am eating: Anything and everything at the moment with company and the holidays but that is about to change!  :)  I shall leave it at that! 
So - here is my first (kind of) Daybook and I am ready to take on the New Year.  Well......after I get the elephant to move off my face anyway! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Technology Blessings

This coming April will be 20 years ago that my dad passed away.  It just does not seem possible some days.  There are moments when it feels like it happened yesterday and then there are those times when it feels like it has been every bit of those 20 years. 
One of the things that has bothered me the most about losing my dad is knowing that my kids have grown up not really knowing him or remembering him.  And, that my grandkids will never know him until we all get to heaven.  There are times when that knowledge really, really bothers me. 
As for me, there are times when all I have wanted was to just hear his voice again.  Then, thanks to technology - it happened! 
A couple weeks ago, my husband and I made a quick trip to Arkansas to visit a CYM church.  On our way, my mom sent me a text and said that someone had posted a video of my dad.  And wouldn't you know it???  I was in a place with NO reception or access to the internet on my phone.  Because, when you are in the middle of NO WHERE in Arkansas, cell phones don't really work! 
That evening when we got settled in at the hotel, I pulled up the video on YouTube.  And, there he was - preaching the message at the funeral of a pastor in Georgia.  My heart literally skipped a beat as I sat there and watched my Daddy preach.  Several things stuck out to me while I listened.  One is that all three of my brothers sound just like my dad!  Two, my husband has many of his mannerisms while preaching.  Now THAT was uncanny!  I mean - they are not even related but yet act so much alike. 
Then, I just sat back and closed my eyes and listened to what he was actually saying.  I think one of my Dad's favorite topics to preach about was the verse that says "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land" found in Ezekiel 22.  He firmly believe and preached often that God was looking for men, women, boys and girls to stand up for Him. 
So - I am so thankful for the following:
1) technology used to be a blessing
2) that I could hear my Dad's voice again
3) KNOWING without ONE doubt that my husband is carrying on the tradition of preaching and living like Christ for our kids and grandkids
4) being reminded that even I can stand up for God right where I am.