Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Happened........... my little baby boy who used to wake me up every two hours around the clock for food? And, the little boy who fought forever when I told him to pick up his toys? Oh and the kid who begged to play baseball only to spend most of the time getting hit by the ball when he got up to bat because the kids were afraid of his size? And, the one who started working when he was 13 because he was "bored" and didn't care for school and only went because we made him? Where oh where did the teenage boy go who had to work for weeks to fill a pitcher of rice to get back into his moms good graces?? And, where is that skinny, bald-headed kid I sent off to Marine Corp boot camp? Oh, and the one who came strolling off the bus straight from the "sandbox" and made us all blubbering idiots?? Well, he grew up and got married to WONDERFUL Christa and had a beautiful little girl of his own named Addison and I just can't figure out where time went!!!! my little "bald as a cue ball" baby girl who rared her head back and stared me straight in the eye before we ever left the hospital??? And, was scared of work boots and beards?? Oh and ran with her back as straight as an arrow? :)) Where did that smart as a cookie girl go to? You know the one, the National Honor Society girl, the piano player who could sit down and play pretty much whatever she wanted, the girl who curled into a ball if her brother tried to pick on her? Yes, the one who left the love of her life to move "half way around the world" in her opinion with her parents?? And, the one who married that TERRIFIC guy named Josh one year later in what everyone thought was the "sweetest" ceremony ever? Well, she grew up, married and moved to what her mom calls "half way around the world" and again, I have no clue where time went!!!! the little baby who refused to stay where she belonged until it was safe for her to make her appearance in the world? Where is that little girl who had the ability to light up a waiting room full of sick cancer patients with just a smile? Where did that little fighter go who had the rare ability to send her big brother running away? What happened to that girl who couldn't stand to be away from home but managed a 2 week stay in Alaska? Oh and the girl who moved half way through her high school and handled a new school for 2 years and managed to graduate as her class valedictorian? Well, let me tell you.....she is working close to full time, and planning her wedding for this November to one AWESOME guy named Andrew and designing a remodel of a house with him. And for the last time, I have no clue where time went???

So - what is the point of my rambling post?? I don't know really! :))) I just needed to tell you all (well, maybe just myself) that as big as my talk is, I really do miss my kids! BUT - I wouldn't trade where I am right now for anything! The main reason is because Jesus is teaching me some new stuff. Not easy stuff but new and it is making me a better person! I am blessed beyond words at what I have!! My husband loves me - despite my faults, my kids still enjoy being around me which is saying A LOT and God loves me. Maybe the point of my blog is just to somehow put into words just how blessed I am!