Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Me Putting Thoughts Down

WARNING: The following post contains some "morbid" thoughts. Today has been one of those days already. Pardon me while I blubber around a bit!
If you read my blog and see the list of names down the side, you will find LaDonna's name and last evening her mother-in-law passed away. Here is a little history for you - my husband and her husband, Joe, grew up together pretty much from the time David was 8 and returned to the states from Bolivia. If I can say this correctly, David's Dad's mom and Joe's Mother's Mom were sisters. There - sounds complicated and so we just say "cousins" to make it easier to handle! I will leave the details to LaDonna since she will be there sometime later today but I just wanted to post some of my "messed up" thoughts.
Luella was a saint and I do NOT say that lightly AT ALL! She was an amazing person and I am blessed to have known her! She was a person of quiet strength. In my eyes, she was not loud, not overly emotional, NEVER yelled that I know of but I can't say I know anyone as STRONG as she was. The thing that stands out to me more than anything is the love and respect her children and grandchildren and now, great-grandchildren have for her. She was a true spiritual giant in my life and it was almost all by her quiet example, NOT always the words she said. At campmeeting, on the rare occasions that I heard her speak, EVERYONE listened! At her home, she was quiet yet gracious and always made you feel welcome. I always enjoyed watching her laugh at the stories her boys would tell. (Now THAT subject alone would make a book!!) You never really HEARD her laugh, you had to SEE her laugh. I am so blessed to have known her and am grateful for the impact she had on my life.
My other thoughts today were of a Marine that was killed in Iraq who was from Christa's home area. I watched some video clips from the funeral procession and needless to say, I was somewhat bothered. I know - probably not smart of me. I have become much more proud of our military in recent months. People have no clue as to the heartache the families face on a day to day basis. It's like a waiting game that is just not fun. Every knock, every phone call - just makes you think it's "the one". While I realize that we now have less than 3 months to go on this "trip" we're on, I also realize that it's NOT over yet. I know - sounds morbid but I warned you!!
Then very carefully this morning, the Lord brought the sweetest memory to my mind. A very dear saint stood up in early morning prayer meeting at camp some years back and said two words that I shall never forget!!! "...but God"!! That was her whole testimony! When the devil comes and brings the doubts and discouragements, we need to say, "but God"! When times get hard and things don't go like we plan, we can say, "but God"! It would be like this, "I have no idea where to turn to with this pain, 'but God' knows exactly where I am and what I need"! See? That is what I mean!! God was sooooo very near to me and reminded me very sweetly that while I don't know all I THINK I should, HE does and that is all that matters.
So in the pain of the day and the frustrations that life brings, God knows what's best! HE KNOWS!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Happy Birthday

WARNING: If you do not see or hear from me again, please contact Donna Gerdts for serious questioning!!!
This is my "office mate" Donna!! She turned the big 40 on Saturday and I want to wish her a very public HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I met Donna several years ago when she moved down here from the north. She came to our church and for some reason, she just "clicked" with me. I always tried very hard to talk to Donna whenever I saw her. She paid me one of the highest compliments that I think I have ever been paid! I won't go into detail but I will just tell you that I have NEVER forgotten what she said to me!! She would ask me from time to time about my job and what I was doing and I often walked away from those conversations thinking about how much fun it would be to work with her. Then about a year and a half ago, I was looking for a job and saw the ad for a receptionist here and was so excited. I came, applied, got the job and the rest is history!
We have worked together since and she is something else!! We laugh, we talk, we make fun of each other (or at least I make fun of her!!), we cry, we have good and bad days but we have a complete blast while we do it!! She is so much fun to be around! I count her among my closest and dearest friends and am so glad I met her!
Happy birthday, Donna! Love ya!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is my husbands birthday! He is 40 today!!! I am pretty sure I will be in a boatload of trouble when he reads this but I am a smart cookie - I will get out of it somehow!!!
I am of the opinion that I have the best husband in the world! I am blessed more than I can say to have the husband that I have! He continually amazes me with his life. Let me explain. First, NO ONE has been a better example to me of TRUE Christianity than he has. When I get frustrated at people or want to react to situations, he is right there to help me see what I need to do (or NOT do which is usually the case). He is a very strong Christian leader in our home and I am a better person because of him! Secondly, NO ONE even comes close to being a better Dad than he is!! My kids have WAAAAAAY too much fun with their Dad!! You would not believe the things that my husband and kids have done when they are together and now that we seem to be adding to our family, it is actually only getting worse!! What one doesn't think of, the other one will!! The DAD in the family is usually more guilty than anyone and so laughs are more than abundant in our home. But while laughs abound, every one of my kids knows that nothing is more important to their Dad than the spiritual life of our family!! He has been consistent, loving and supportive of his kids and they would be the first to tell you that! He has accepted our "extra" kids with open arms and they know that too!! He is not a person who shows feelings or emotions very often unless it comes to his kids. Then it can get interesting! He is very proud of all 3, or 4, or 5 of them - depends on how you look at who our kids are!!! He is also fiercely protective of them - want to see the "cold ice" look? Just go at one of the kids!!
We are at a different stage in our lives and changes are on the way. I have been continually amazed at the attitude my husband shows on a daily basis! Sometimes things in life are hard to handle but Dave has always maintained a wonderful, Christ-like attitude! I am so thankful for the husband I have. We both love our kids to death and miss them when they are not around but I must be honest and tell you that we are both looking forward to the empty nest years also!! I am thrilled to be able to do a blog in honor of Dave!! He is my very best friend, my hero, my mentor and the reason I breathe every day!!!! I love you, Dave!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


They say that confession is good for the soul and so here goes! I like football! As a matter of fact, I like sports in general but I really, really like football. Way back when (I used to hate it when my parents said that!!)....that was one thing that Dave and I had in common before we dated - sports. We used to argue about Ohio State and IU basketball and who was best. Of course that was also when IU actually knew how to play basketball but I digress!! Growing up, I used to sit with my Dad and my brothers and listen to Marty and Joe do play-by-play for the Cincinnati Reds. They were and still are my favorite announcers by far. Having grown up with them, I absolutely can't stand the announcers for the Florida Teams but again, I digress!! You see, in my house, there were 3 brothers and 2 girls and my sister was 9 years older than me. If the boys went out to play, guess who the 4th player was? Yep - me!! So I guess I can really blame my love for sports on my brothers but since I probably know more about sports than all 3 of them put together, I can't really do that!
Ok - current day! In my house, Dave and I pretty well root for the same teams but David, Jr and I go around and around about Ohio State. In all honesty, he doesn't care one little bit who wins or loses, he just likes to hear me squawk!!! The girls barely know what a football looks like!! Wait - that's not fair. They do know some things but not as much as their momma!! This is one thing that I definitely know more about than my teenagers!! SHOCKING!!!! Man, that isn't even something I should brag about!! HA!!
College Football - love Ohio State and the Tennessee Vols!! HATE ANY Florida Team!!!
College Basketball - don't really care but the same sentiments as above!
Pro Basketball - now that is DISGUSTING! A bunch of crooks in my eyes but again, I digress!!
Hockey - just like to see the fights but don't know much about it!
Golf - how boring. Tennis - Pete Sampras is gone so don't care!
Nascar - Jeff Gordon is my pick and LOVE the patriotism from this sport! Hey and guess what? They still PRAY OUT LOUD before starting a race!!
NFL - Ok, now we're talking! I love the Colts and Payton Manning is great! Love the Tennessee Titans but that team has changed somewhat. Laughed right out loud at the Dolphins getting beat all year long!! Really like Brett Favre and hate it that he didn't make it to the Super Bowl. HATE, HATE, HATE New England AND the Dallas Cowboys and am THRILLED that Eli Manning gets a chance at the Super Bowl. So, this year while it's not the Colts, I am looking forward to the Super Bowl. No, I am not watching it. No, I won't miss church for it but I WILL come home and turn the radio on!!
So there you have it - something interesting about me. I know - you probably really don't care but I felt like blogging today and that was what came to mind!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Life on the Funny Farm

The great news from the weekend was a fantastic 20 minute phone call from David! Want to hear the full story? Too bad - I am going to tell it anyway!!!! Saturday the plan of the household was to leave around noon to run to the mall to pick up Carrie's glasses and make a return and have lunch and try to get back before 3:30 since the girls were both involved in a dinner the school was having. Needless to say, not everyone was cooperating and therefore we were running quite a bit behind schedule. I was probably acting unhappy as I was trying to get everyone ready to go and then ........ the phone rang. Those very familiar 99999 numbers met my eyes and boy was I ever glad then for "running late" people!! Anyway, he started out sounding so tired but it didn't take long and he was back to his usual goofy self! He is doing well, keeping very busy and looking forward to coming home. We have a potential return date but that is all I can say about that!!
Thanks to my wonderful husband I was able to get quite a bit of work done at home this weekend. It just seems to never end!! Anyway, it was quite a profitable weekend. This week is already promising to be a busy one. Wonder if that every stops? I kind of like the "glimpses" of the "empty nest" I get every once in awhile. I enjoy the quiet when it is just Dave and I but then I miss my kids a little bit. Then when all the noise and chatter sets in, I miss the times when it's just Dave and I. Can anyone say "Confusion"????
Oh well! Hope you all have a great week!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where Oh Where Do I Start?

Let's see - left the camera at home so there are no pictures and besides that, there aren't any of the event of this week that I could post on here anyway!!!

Wow! What a week!! Unfortunately for you (maybe!) there are some details that I will need to leave out but suffice it to say, I am VERY grateful for God's mercy and protection through this last week!! I know - sounds cryptic but that's all there is to say about that!

We are all feeling a little more at ease since David was FINALLY able to call Christa this Sunday! At this point, I don't care who hears from him as long as someone does!! She has been sick and was at home on Sunday morning and was able to speak to him for quite awhile! That helps this momma's heart and nerves let me tell ya!!!

Ashley is alive and well and being her usual chipper and ornery self! She had an interesting week in more ways than one but she has provided us with more than one different emotion this week which is exactly why we love her so much!

Carrie is trying to NOT be sick but isn't really succeeding very well!! She is also trying to NOT take cuts from her classes in order to save them for David's return. So far we have been successful on that one!! She is learning the joys of juggling - you, work, bills, chores, "boyfriend"! The whole scoop! It's fun!

So - on to the big news of the week. My husband resigned from his job this last Friday and will be heading in a different direction come June. I will just ask you to pray that God grants us wisdom! And for the record, we are not planning to leave Hobe Sound anytime soon unless God leads otherwise!!

I think on that note I will close this blog and tell you that God is good and I am most grateful for his blessings!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This and That

I don't really have anything to blog about but just don't want anyone to miss my "wonderful" absolutely "to-die-for" blogging!!! Ok - that may be stretching it a bit!!
Life is moving on at the Fulton Family Funny Farm and at quite a rapid pace too! So many things I could blog about if I didn't value my life so much! Ummm....the latest would be that Dave is working hard on getting FEA into it's new offices. Can't wait for that project to end!! Ashley is back to school and getting ready for finals next week! She just made a boatload of money babysitting over the holidays!! Carrie is starting back to college tonight and I am wondering how she will have time to fit college in her life with the other "priorities" she has!! So much for my grocery bill shrinking! I keep feeding "extra" people!! No word from David in awhile but we are dealing with it. Hope to get word from him this week. So far I think I have missed about 3 or 4 phone calls from him which is getting old but at least Christa hears from him and that is GREAT!! Speaking of Christa - she started back to school already and this family still misses her and we are continually trying to figure out when she can come and visit us!! Me? Well, what's there to say? I am working, both AT home and AWAY from home! Believe it or not, I am still keeping up with my New Years Resolutions and it is already 8 days into the new year!!!!! GO ME!!!!!
I had a great time helping with a house-warming party last Saturday for a very dear friend of mine. It turned out well and my co-host and I were very glad when it was all done!! So were our feet!!! I don't think I have much talent for those kinds of things but it went well in spite of me!!!!
I have been in the "cleaning out and tossing" mode recently in certain areas of my house and I am by no means anywhere near to being done but I am working on it a bit at a time. While I was doing a project last night, I felt somewhat impressed by the Lord about doing some "cleaning out and tossing" in some other areas of my life also. I really am starting to detest clutter and dust the older I get when it comes to my house but please don't look too close at the clutter in my heart!! Funny - especially when I think that most of the clutter in my house I can manange to hide from people but I sure as the world can't hide the clutter in my heart from God! So - I may have added another "resolution" or two to the list last night! Yes - even while cleaning out from underneath my bed!!
Well - that's enough from me! I am sure there will be more later but that's it for now! By the way, HI MOM!!!!!!!! (She found me and now I really have to be good!!!!)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Borrowed this from Another Blog


Still amazed: that God loves little ole' me!

Still getting used to: growing old and my kids growing up!

Still loving: Dave and the wonderful marriage God has blessed us with!!

Still proud of: Dave for always doing the right thing although not always the popular thing, David for being a Marine, Carrie for making the "right choice" and Ashley for not ever giving into peer pressure and being her own person!!

Still not proud of: my daily walk with God!

Still hoping: to travel with just Dave and I!!

Still worried: that my kids will not choose God!

Still never going to: go on a cruise - no way to water!!!!

Still pretending: that I am young and thin! :)

Still reading: Weight Watchers Cookbooks (see above)!!

Still wanting to read: My Bible from front to back and not skip a day till it's done!

Still interested in: sports - those I can play and those I can't!!

Still not interested in: fake friends or fake people who pretend to be something they are not!

Still looking forward to: growing old with David and watching my children marry that special someone!! Less laundry and less cooking and less cleaning!!!! :)

Still not looking forward to: the pains of growing old!

Still failing: to trust God like I should!

Still grateful for: for God's mercy and patience, for Dave, for my children - all of them...including the "extras" I have now!

Still praying: for David to come home safe and sound and for me to be the person God intends me to be!

Still not believing in: fake Christianity! It's a real relationship!

Still believing in: My heavenly Father who loves me more than I can imagine!!

What are YOU still doing?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


A brand new year - off to a flying start with the New Years Resolutions???? I guess you can say that I am but time will tell!!
I have this new friend who reads my blog! I met her (and a few others who read this) at a church my husband has preached at quite a bit the last few months! She informed my husband that I needed to post a picture of myself actually using the new treadmill! For the record, that "ain't" gonna happen any time soon!!!!! There is no reason to literally scare my few readers into the insane asylum before they can even say "Happy New Year"!!!!! Anyway, it has been fun getting to know these new friends of mine and I am sure that my wonderful blogging ability will keep them hanging around!! NOT!!! So, just a little humor for them!
We went to the New Years Eve service at our church Monday evening. It was a singspiration and was pretty cool! The bummer was that when we got home, once again, we missed a call from David. That is getting old and very frustrating but at least he is doing well although I think the cold weather is getting to the Florida boy!!!!
Yesterday, I was reminded again just how wonderful my husband is!! We took down the tree, sorted through and got rid of some stuff and packed up what was being kept. Then we moved the living room furniture around and I really, really like it and the whole arrangement was David's idea!! Then I cleaned up the dining room and kitchen and collapsed in my chair! Supper was a little late for Carrie had gone to a party and when she returned, SOMEONE had to come and take her to the store for the fixin's for chili! I thought I would die from hunger by the time it was ready!! (Not really but HE reads my blog so that was for him!!!!)
Ashley has been extremely busy for the last few days babysitting so I am looking forward to "borrowing" her money from her for some reason or another!!! I am sure that as the mom, I am entitled to her money for fun, right? I mean - kids think they are entitled to our money!!! OK - moving right along....... she was NOT a joy to awaken this morning and it didn't help her when she walked out to the car to feel the frigid blast from the north that has our temperatures in the 50's!
So - I have kept your attention for long enough and now I need to sign off before I say really, REALLY stupid things!!! Have a good day!