Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Announcing the Arrival of...........

I would like to introduce you to David Leon Fulton III!!  He was born this morning at 2:29 am, weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches long!  Mommy and baby are doing very well and we are all super excited about his arrival!  Isn't he just the adorable?!?!?!  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Uncle Bill

There are two things in this life that I really, really like.  A box of Cheez-its and college football.  My Uncle Bill is solely responsible for this!  

A long time ago, my Aunt brought this wonderful man into my life.  The very first time I met him - at least that I remember - I was laying on the couch at my grandparents house sicker than a dog.  My grandparents had a finished basement and we kids usually spent our time down there.  This time though, I was kind of banished down there to keep my germs to myself.  Uncle Bill came down and brought me my very own softball bat and one of those huge multi-colored lollipops!  We became INSTANT friends!!  :)  

I am the youngest of five kids and I have often teased my family about how I never got a new bike!  :)  My second memory of Uncle Bill happened at my grandparents house again.  The neighbors were having a yard sale and here came Uncle Bill pushing the dirtiest, most decrepit looking bike!  He thought I needed this bike and I can remember thinking that it needed a lot of work!  Well, that is exactly what it got!  Uncle Bill scrubbed and fixed and somehow turned that bike into something that looked pretty close to brand new!  It was awesome and I was one proud bike owner!

Then, there was no one that watched football with as much emotion as Uncle Bill!  Sometimes, our box of Cheez-its just didn't survive a game in one piece!  :)))  And, this wasn't just any football game!  This involved the Ohio State Buckeye's!  Whatever you did, you did not interrupt Uncle Bill and his Buckeye football game!  :))

Unfortunately, life is playing a cruel joke on Uncle Bill and he now has Alzheimer's.  This is a part of life that I just don't like.  Over Labor Day, we went to Ohio to visit and the little girl inside of me wanted everything to be the way it used to be.  However, two things happened that weekend to add to my memory bank that make me see things a little better.  Sunday, we sat around the dinner table and I heard Uncle Bill pray for the first time.  That isn't too say he hasn't prayed before but this was the first time I had heard him.  Then on Monday, we went to breakfast at Bob Evans before we headed home.  He was somewhat confused here and there over the weekend but all of a sudden he looked at Sandy and I and said, "You had a wonderful dad".  Clear as day, he talked for a few minutes about dad with tears in his eyes.  Needless to say, Sandy and I had our own share of struggles to NOT cry.  :))  Uncle Bill needed no prompting whatsoever about dad let me tell you!  

Life changes things and sometimes those changes are hard.  But then I remember that in the midst of Alzheimer's, Jesus can still be present and that makes all the difference!  My heart hurts knowing that Uncle Bill probably doesn't really remember us or that we were there.  But one of these days there will be no forgetting, no memory loss and Uncle Bill and my dad will be together in heaven!  I am so grateful for that hope!        

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love and Marriage

Do you see anything special about this picture?  I mean - it isn't really centered.  The sunlight is doing weird things to our faces.  There is a glare on our glasses.  It clearly shows my double chin!  :))  But, other than that - see anything that stands out to you?

I do.

I see a couple that was given no chance whatsoever at ever making their marriage work.
I see 25 years of work.
I see 2 people who made a choice to love each other.
I see 2 people who somehow survived raising 3 children (and getting them all married and out the door).
I see 2 people who have laughed A LOT in 25 years.
I see 2 people who have cried A LOT in 25 years.
I see 2 people who have prayed A LOT in 25 years.
I see 2 people who have struggled A LOT in 25 years.
I see 2 people who have moved more times than I care to count.....again.
I see 2 people who have managed to survive a cancer scare.
I see 2 people who have spent most of their 25 years finding mere pennies to think we were rich.
I see 2 people who have learned some VERY tough lessons from their heavenly Father!
I see 2 people who ARE CHOOSING to make a marriage.

I guess my mind is turning a lot recently.  Today, I was involved in a conversation regarding people listening and doing what they are asked to do.  The statement was made "Kind of like, please don't have an affair since we are married".  I just about died of shock.  I looked at the person with what must have been a shocked look on my face.  She said, "Well, it seems like I hear that about someone every time I turn around".  This conversation was with a couple people no where close to be associated with church.  Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit about this.  I am by no means an expert on the subject of marriage but here is one tiny thought.  I choose daily to love my husband, respect him as Christ would have me to, and be committed NO MATTER WHAT!

Now, don't my two readers go off thinking we are getting divorced or anything of the sort.  To be honest, I think we are happier than we have ever been.  At least I think so - Dave may say otherwise!  :))))  And, it could be that we are thoroughly enjoying the empty nest as well!  :))) No, seriously - I just have become so burdened for our families.  I have even called or texted or done Facetime with all my kids recently saying, "Hey - stay focused!  Stay committed!  Stay close!  Stay WITH Jesus!!"  You can ask them - I am sure they will tell you that is the truth!

When all else fails, when everything goes wrong, when life just stinks - grab their hand, take off, pray, laugh and make a fresh promise to MAKE IT WORK!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daybook September 5, 2012

I shall start this post by first wishing my favorite oldest son a very happy 25th birthday! I can't believe that it has been 25 years ago that I had a true "labor" day weekend. :)) I wouldn't trade him for anything!! Now, on to my daybook for the day! :)

Outside our window: It is a gloomy looking fallish looking day. Now that it seems fall is in the air, my flowers outside are growing better than they have all summer!

I am listening to: Southern Gospel Music on Pandora. I love Pandora! I can listen to a variety of Christian music anytime I want to and I really enjoy that!

I am thankful for: A fun weekend with a family gathering of aunts, uncles, cousins, and more! We don't get together often but when we do, the laughter and fun times are awesome!!

In our kitchen: There are cookies for Kid's Club at church tonight that I am trying to avoid! Of course they are chocolate chip cookies which are my very favorite!! I will not say if any of the dough did NOT make it to the cookie sheet! :))

Around our house: I am smelling the rest of the vanilla candles burning before I change them out for the only other scent my hubby cares for - hazelnut cream! :) The fall decorations are slowly making their way out and about! Love fall but do NOT like what comes after that!

With our kids: Pretty much the same as before - waiting patiently on the arrival of our "little man"!! I am beginning the shopping for baby and kid stuff this house needs! You know, like a high chair or booster seat, pack n' play (which I have), toys (which should be NO problem) and all that other "stuff" we may need! I guess there is more shopping in my future which is really no problem!!

What I am pondering: Why people feel that Facebook is the place to air all their dirty laundry. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating that is and to be more blunt, nothing that would please Jesus. I know that families and friends all have issues and go through tough spots but why in the world does all that need to be made public?? I have been making a conscious effort to watch my words.

In my praying: I must say it centers completely on my children. I know that some would say that makes my world small but my husband and my children ARE my world. I have been asking the Lord to help me pray more specifically for my kids and to show me what I need to pray! And, He has been helping me do just that!