Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Blog!?!?

A blog??? I have a blog??? Wow - where in the world have I been? It is actually pretty self-explanatory! Working full time and school and housework leaves little room for much else! However, because I am feeling especially generous today, I will provide my readers (all none of you) with a Fulton Family update!

First of all,

isn't this the cutest University of Tennessee fan you have ever seen in your life?? I mean - really....if UT knew she existed they would actually try harder to win a game this year! :))) Lil' Miss Addison is 7 months old, growing so fast and anxiously awaiting a visit from us in December! Of course, she is also teaching her Mommy and Daddy a thing or two which I happen to find funny but don't tell them I said that! :))
David and Christa are enjoying being back in FL! Christa has now become a Hobe Sound Singing Christmas Tree widow and will be one until the Tree is over! I know that David is thrilled to be back involved with that again! Josh and Carrie are working and back in school trying to finish their degrees and spoiling their niece! Of course one of those things is more important than the others! Ashley is working her way through her first semester of college but most of her time is spent with Mr. Andrew!
As for me, I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow! Dave will be home after 8 straight weeks of revivals! I am thankful he gets to do what God has called him to but man, I sure do miss him when he is gone! He has been in PA, MI, OH, NC, TN, VA and I forget where else! I will be glad to have him home so I don't have to take the trash out anymore! :))
I am now working in a different branch of the bank and am really enjoying it so far! I like the earlier hours but I am not too sure what I think about leaving the house when it is still dark outside! :)) School is going well but I have decided that I do not like Economics or Accounting either one!
So, that is it for now! Nothing great or wonderful! But, I will leave you with this! I was reminded in church this morning of just how blessed I really am! There are so many hurting people and so many situations that seem so far out of my realm of understanding. But then, we sang "Great is thy Faithfulness! Great is thy Faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see! All I have needed Thy hand hath provided! Great is thy faithfulness Lord unto me"!