Friday, January 14, 2011

Jibber Jabber

After much thought and countless hours in meditation about my blog (yea right - like anyone would believe that), I think I shall have to keep it. I find myself needing the therapy of mindless rambling here and there. So, if for no one else but me, my fingers shall dance across the keyboard in hopes of ....... I don't know, releasing some of the junk from my brain to clear it up for more junk. SOunds promising now, doesn't it? And in case you are looking, this is a picture-less post! Most of them are! :)) If you want to see pictures, find me on Facebook! Better yet, become friends with the other females in my family! Their pictures on FB are much more entertaining!
First of all, I will catch you up on the latest news of the residents and non-residents of the funny farm. Dave - our head honcho - is working, preaching and keeping me in line. A really cool even that is happening is that he is the evangelist at UBC revival next week. Reason for this being cool - its one of our "alma maters". Neat huh?? I thought so!!
David and Christa are doing well in Hobe Sound. Have I mentioned yet that we are extremely happy the 4 years of service are over?? Addison is growing like a weed and is the cutest child bar none! I know - I am prejudiced!
Josh and Carrie are enjoying having more family in Hobe Sound and I know they are not spoiling Addison at all! :)) Yea....right! They are both working on finishing up their degrees which keeps them busy since they both work also.
Ashley - oh youngest child is dreaming of weddings! The official engagement took place while we were in Florida. It is actually a cute funny story and so very much fitting for Andrew and Ashley! At this moment they are planning a November wedding. I will think more about it a little later but for now, I am enjoying the laundry getting done without my help, supper being cooked with no assistance from me and a clean house when I get home from work. Methinks I shall mess the girl!! Anyway, another year of change is coming!! :))
As for the stange and messed up mom, let's see....still working, school started back on Monday and that is the extent of my life. By the way, remember when I complained about Algebra?? Yes well....Biology will rank right up there. Why in the world do I have to take a science class for a business degree is beyond me but Chemistry sure wasn't a choice! It should be a fun semester! Or......maybe not!!!
I have embarked on a new personal journey recently and am anxious to see what the results are. I made some new years resolutions that I am still working on and that is an accomplishment for me. Most of them are private and not for public knowledge but there are two I will share here. One is that I want to do a better job at more consistent devotions. I know....someone as old as me should have that down pat by now. And, I bet if you go back in time you will discover that I have said that before several times. However, God is helping me in this area and I am excited for what I am learning! Secondly, I am working on reading some good, uplifting, soul-searching books. Yep - laying aside those boring textbooks here and there and reading something "better". Someone loaned me a few that I am looking forward to reading. I am sure my husband would say that he has tons of books I could read but commentaries are not exactly up my alley! :)) I guess I have put those in writing for the world to see to ask these questions. 1) What works for you in your devotional life? 2) What good books have you read, are reading or want to read that you would recommend?
Ok - that's it for now! It took me most of the day to get this one done so we should be good for a day or two! But then, you never know - I could do this again before you know it! :))