Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Going to try something new.....

I really do enjoy my blog although it probably seems I don't since I don't update it very often.  I have said before that writing things down is somewhat therapeutic for me.  And, have you noticed that I like to have my words centered on the page?  :)  There must be more OCD to my brain than I care to admit to. 
I have seen several blogs that do something like a "Simple Daybook".  I believe I shall try that and plan to do one once a week.  And, I will start today.
Outside: The sun is shining but it is oh so cold.  I can handle the cold and even snow as long as
the sun is shining.  I am not one for the dreary days.
What I am reading: Nothing.  Sad but true.  However, one of my resolutions for the new year is to
change that.  But, to carefully consider what I read.  I can speed right through a fiction book
in no time at all but I don't want to just fill my brain with fluff. 
At work: I have to say that for the most part I love my job.  I really do!  I am a firm believer in making myself an employee that has job security simply because my
employer can't make it without me.  Weird I know but fact.  So, this next year I may be taking
some classes and extra training.  That should mean some busy, interesting days.
The family: is currently enjoying all being together except for David.  His job and training in Florida did not make it feasible for him to come home.  Stinks being an adult at times.  However, my little house has been overran with tiny little creatures who obviously love
their Nana.  Want to know how I know this?  One or two of them has graciously
decided to share their germs with me and now I have a monstrous cold.  Fun times. 
But, David is doing well with his new job, Christa is way busy with two busy children.  Addison is improving by leaps and bounds with the help of speech therapy and occupational therapy. 
She looks so much like her dad it is scary!  :)  David the III??  Now he is one active little
fella!  And, looks like his Momma and acts like his Daddy.  He is very vocal when he doesn't want to do something which is cute at times and not so cute at others.  However, watching him pray for a meal is quite precious! 
Josh and Carrie are doing their best to adapt at living in the
North Frozen Tundra of Indiana.  :)  They are enjoying their new house and letting Molly have actual floor space to play!  Molly has developed quite the attachment to her Papaw let me tell you!  It is actually quite comical.  If Papaw has one baby in his arms and it isn't her, there is trouble!  She has the funniest "side" walk to be seen! 
Andrew and Ashley are currently residing in a small trailer.  You know that statement Dave Ramsey makes "Live like no one else so you can live like no one else later"?  Well, that is what they are doing!  :)  Estaley is developing a personality of her own that at times makes me laugh out loud and at others I laugh quietly to myself while she is receiving a form of correction from
her ever vigil parents. 
Being a grandparent is not for the weak at heart let me tell you!  But - I wouldn't trade a one of them for anything! 
Dave: I will just say that I am one blessed wife.  He never ceases to amaze with me with his talents, his work ethic, his patience, his relationship with God - I just am blessed.  You should see what he made the girls for Christmas!!He built these "table troughs" and custom painted them for each one's kitchen or dining room decor.  Awesome!  And, I get one too!  :)  Want to know what true love is??  He puts gas in my car so I don't have to get out in the cold!  Yep - he's a keeper! 
He stays busy between working for a guy in our church, being superintendent of the CYM and his revivals.  Oh yes, plus all the little side jobs he does here and there!  :) 
At the house: Nothing new and there won't be until all the little and big "extras" are gone.  :)  I desperately need to get my tree down and put away.  I can only handle it for so long.  Plus, redirecting little fingers gets tiring!  :)  However, come spring or summer we are hoping for new carpet in the living room and trim replaced so that our living room remodel will be complete.
What I am eating: Anything and everything at the moment with company and the holidays but that is about to change!  :)  I shall leave it at that! 
So - here is my first (kind of) Daybook and I am ready to take on the New Year.  Well......after I get the elephant to move off my face anyway! 

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