Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Dad

This was my Daddy! Due to the time of year it is, I thought he deserved to be my first big blog here at my new place!!
April 16, 1995 God decided that my dad deserved his crown long before I was ready for him to receive it. The previous April, Dad had a cancerous tumor removed from his colon and that November, we were told that it had spread to his liver. So the following April, he had what is called a liver resection. They were going to remove the portion of his liver where the cancer was and all should have been good for another few years. However, Easter Sunday night at 11:41, he went to heaven. That has been a very long 12 years ago but at times it seems as though it were yesterday!
Often times we compare our earthly fathers with our heavenly Father and sometimes that causes people pain but for me, that makes both God and Dad perfect. I know, that sounds corny!! Anyway, Dad was a HUGE blessing to me and I miss him dearly. My kids were 3, 5 and 7 when he died. Ashley really doesn't remember him outside of stories I have told her. Carrie remembers him some but not a lot! However, David and my dad were "buddies". I have no worries about my family reading this so I can tell you that I think David was a little favored. As a matter of fact, I think there is more than one person that "favors" him but we won't go there. David did a lot of things with Grandpa that he remembers quite well. I know beyond any doubts that if my dad were alive today, he would be so proud of David as a Marine. I often find myself telling that to David to encourage him along the way. The thing that bothers me so much is that my kids do not have the privilege of hearing him pray and then watching God answer those prayers. They can't hear him preach like the backwoods Ohio farm boy he was. BUT...I CAN do my best to give them the heritage that he gave to me and I intend to do just that.
I am sorry that you all didn't get to know him. I believe that no one has lived a complete life unless they met my dad but then you probably think I am nuts!! you "know" my dad. Your life is good now!!!


Linda S said...

Thanks for the intro to you dad. It is great for you to have such wonderful memories. I have a wonderful heritage also. My desire...that my kids continue that blessing into the next generation. I am sure you feel the same.

Marty said...

Hello from Christa's sister...I saw your blog on mom's and thought I would drop a note. We have truly enjoyed getting to "know" David through Christa. We hope to get to meet him soon. Christa speaks very highly of you and your family. Can't wait to meet you! Check out my blog at
Have a great day!

~Heather~ said...

Dear Leah, I'm sooo glad that you have chosen to make a new blog, for I went to your 360 and could not sign it...=( I'm Laura Hausman's sister, Heather, missionary to Colombia! We enjoyed seeing the Singing Christmas Tree with y'all and your son David in it. Since Christa and David are friends, I have put him on my list to pray for him, and the other soldiers each day.
God bless, Heather

Sherry L said...

I am having a very hard time mentally right now, and the comments about your godly father were a BIG encouragement to me. I am Heather Dickinson's mom-in-law and Scott Sutherland's sister. Sherry Dickinson

Brenda said...


I just found your blog! When I saw your post about your father I had to comment. You father was a very dear friend to my dad (Darrel Herring). As a young teenager I remember your father very well, and how much he impacted my life. Even though I was young he always had to time for me. He was a very kind man, a man of God, and a dear friend!

Aaron Herring