Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Clutter Update

Well, the girls are probably at "The Land" by now and wow!!!!! what an evening!!!! I met the "clan" at the chiropractor as soon as I got off work. Then - Dave took off in the truck to come home ALL BY HIMSELF so that he could play racquetball and I was left with the four "wonderful, calm, intelligent" girls!! We ransacked our Super Wal-Mart for who knows how long before finally making it home around 7. Supper was fixed, we ate, had a little down-time with a Gaither DVD and then EVERYTHING blew up again!!! Suitcases came from everywhere as we checked and double checked and packed and sorted and generally, went bananas!!!!
We FORCED everyone to bed around 11 or so and dropped for some much needed sleep. The alarm went off at 4:45 and the shower brigade began! The girls had to be at the cafeteria by 6:15 and believe it or not, they were ALL ready to go at 6:05. Just enough time for Ashley and Carrie to check for a message online from "the all important ones" in their world. We had prayer, they walked through the backyard to the cafeteria while Dave drove their luggage to the commons and peace descended!! No - it doesn't LOOK like it but that's the case!!
In my living room, I have my love seat sitting "catty corner" (I am laughing because while I have said that many times, I have NO idea how to spell it!!!!). Behind the love seat, NOT hidden from view are at least four suitcases, partially packed for their actual trips this next Monday. I am beginning to think my living room will never be the same!!!!!
Okay - enough silly stuff!!! I am very proud of all of them. It's not the easiest thing for two - Christa and Ashley. Ashley doesn't handle "different" well but she does LOVE being around people so she should be okay!! Christa hasn't been out of the country before and neither is she too thrilled about not getting to talk to David but I told her this is preparation for the months ahead when David is "over yonder". Elisabeth - in her words she was born with "wheels for feet" so this isn't too bad for her. Carrie - she has done this before so it's not too bad except that the "somewhat significant other" will be returning from his month away on the day AFTER she leaves. I know - I should express more sympathy but let me work on that one for awhile!!! I know they will be fine, will have a blast and God will do something special for all of them! I will check back with you once I recover my nerves buried in the debris!!


Vonnie said...

Well, peace for a week at least. I will do my best to remember to pray for them all as they are gone. I'm glad I get to see Ashley!!

Linda S said...

Thanks, Leah, for the information of what was going on since my daughter was involved.