Monday, October 15, 2007

Volleyball + Winning = ER

Friday night was the annual 3 on 3 Volleyball Tournament at school. Either the Junior or Senior class does this as a fund raiser and it really brings in the money! Well, this year Dave played with Nathan Veyon, Mark Budensiek and Brent Jones. Carrie and Ashley played with Joel Veyon and Gideon Stence. The games started at about 6:30 and there were 18 teams. They play double elimination so I knew we were going to be there awhile. Unfortunately I spent most of my time watching the girls play and not as much time watching Dave play - hence the lack of pictures of his team. Well, the girls team was rolling right along and then the excitment really began in earnest!! Carrie served the winning point for her team and was so excited she started to jump and down but the down part is where the trouble started. She came down, heard a pop and hit the deck! Of course, she refused to cry but she was in some intense pain. We managed to get her off the court but she was very adamant that she was NOT leaving the court until she figured out where her team would end up. So - that meant that it was up to Ashley, Gideon and Joel and lo and behold, those three turkeys came in third place!!! They managed to stick around until about MIDNIGHT!!!!! I was EXTREMELY proud of them!!! 12:30 found Carrie and I at the ER and the X-rays showed no break but a possible torn ligament so off to the orthopedic doctor this Wednesday morning!! What joy!!! Her foot is in a temporary cast until then and she is to put no weight on it at all. You should have seen us getting her ready for her classes this morning!!! Anyway, some pictures are here to show off their v-ball skills!!!

Just ask anyone - this is one sky-high serve! She managed to get more than one point for her team!! And yes - she is about 10 feet from the line!! That girl has some serious power!!

Ashley, Carrie and Joel ready for the serve from the other team!

Gideon, Ashley and Joel ready to play with Carrie on the sidelines!

Carrie - before the injury and subsequent trip to the ER!!!

Joel Veyon and Doug Wiseman (who played on another team) taking a break from playing to sit on the ground in front of me for standing in front of me was a bad idea!!!!

So that was our weekend. Don't really want to spend another one like it any time soon!!


Andrea said...

Hope she gets better real soon!

maryellenhuff said...

Ouch! Tracy filled us in over the weekend, that must have hurt. It sounds like it was exciting evening of volleyball - sorry to hear she was injured and hope the healing is quick and painless.

Ashley said...

aww come on mom, that weekend was a blast!!!!!!!!!! :D jk lol but vball WAS fun!!!!

LaDonna said...

Hope everything heals up ok and she doesn't suffer from it long term!

Vonnie said...

Busy, busy, busy... so sorry about Carrie's mishap. Hope she heals well and soon!