Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Jibber-Jabber

It seems there has been much discussion recently in blogland and real life about the traditions that people have at Christmas time. I must admit to sitting back and chuckling at some, out-right laughing at others and thinking some sound pretty cool. I have to admit that there really aren't many "traditions" in my house as to maybe what you view as "normal" traditions.
First of all, we rarely ever go anywhere for Christmas. If we do, it is only later in the day. We usually get up and let everyone get "presentable" for pictures. Then there is the reading of the Christmas story which has turned into quite the event. When the kids were little, we read it and they would help us quote it but the funny thing is that kids grow up!!! Now - we have two males in our house who are deep thinkers and so we get started reading the story but we just can't READ it, we have to DISSECT it a word at a time. Finally, I will sigh loud enough to break into the discussion and we move on to presents!! Usually we go from the youngest to the oldest and that person unwraps all the gifts and we do the appropriate "oohing" and "aahhing" over them. Then they get to dump the stockings!! Then it's a big breakfast, cleaning up the disastrous living room and "playing" with the new toys that hopefully someone received!! Mom begins the preparations for Christmas dinner which usually consists of ham, mashed potatoes, noodles, corn casserole, green beans, rolls, stuffing, and dessert. Hmmmmm..... sounds like the Thanksgiving menu I just had!!! Then the rest of the day is just doing whatever.
This year, things are different in some ways. First of all, this will be the first year that one of my children will not be home. Okay - for the record that is just plain weird!!!! I think I will let it go at that. I have decided that I will NOT be leaving my house that day AT ALL so that a phone call will not be missed. I am almost positive that everyone in the house will be in agreement with that!!!! We may have some company come over later in the day but I "AIN'T going nowhere"!!!!! So this year may be just different in lots of ways!
That brings me to the thoughts of our Christmas traditions changing to include "new" members of the family. The truth is that my son is just too good looking and my daughters are just too beautiful to prevent "additional" members being added at some point!! Next year I have been informed that David and Christa will be spending Christmas at our house. Along with that has come the "instruction" that under no circumstances can Christa sit through long "discussions" about the story nor will she tolerate every one needing a shower and be in spic and span shape before she gets to dive into presents!!!!! It is just too funny!!!!!!! Anyway, knowing that David is getting married and the girls are only growing older has caused me to think of the future Christmas traditions that will happen in our house. One thing that I am simply DETERMINED to do is to make it a time that my family will always look forward to and enjoy whatever new traditions we come up with!!!


Jody J said...

That's great, Leah. We girls still love going home for Christmas even though we all live in the same town! It's really fun when you start adding children to the mix! :)(But I'm sure you're not rushing that)

CrazieChrisa said...

Hahahahahaha!!! Well maybe we can all shower...maybe...or not!!! Naw, forget showers:-D LOL! Just kidding it is whatever ya'll wanna do!!! Lol!!

LaDonna said...

Since I've been in "diet" mode, all I could think about when reading your Christmas dinner menu was "CARBS, CARBS, CARBS!!!" Why are those things so good???? I'm sure the time will come for us to change the "look" of our family, but I'm not rushing those days. Too bad we didn't have ugly kids, huh???