Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finally - The Outside

It may have taken me awhile but here are the outside pictures. I had a few other things that I wanted to do but time and money ran far, far away!!!!
This is what it looks like in the dark right over the entrance of our house.

Hey - what's a home of a Marine without the flag?!?!

The rest of the front of the house.

I took this one mainly to show you the yellow ribbon around my wreaths. I wanted a couple of big bows and even went so far as to buy the ribbon but making a bow is so far out of my talent arena, it isn't funny!!!!

So - there ya have it!! That's it for the Christmas decorations this year!!


CrazieChrisa said...

Luv it:-DDD I'm sure David wishes he could have helped ya'll this year...but it looks AWESOME!!!!

Andrea said...

Yay for all the yellow ribbons!!
Davids' box is on it's way - I beat the "deadline" by one day, so hopefully the postal service is running on track :)

LaDonna said...

The decorations looks good! I'm so proud of you for going the extra mile and doing something outside! :) David's box is on it's way, although they told me the deadline for Iraq and Afghanastan was December 4th! GRRR! Anyway, it'll get there eventually. Have a great week.

Vonnie said...

Beautiful! Nice job!

maryellenhuff said...

Very, very pretty.

Take that thar ribbon over to yonder friend that goes by Jackie Shamber and she is a bow makin' pro and would be happy to make ya some yeller bows to go with her yella ribbon....I have no idea why I am talking like that....