Wednesday, January 2, 2008


A brand new year - off to a flying start with the New Years Resolutions???? I guess you can say that I am but time will tell!!
I have this new friend who reads my blog! I met her (and a few others who read this) at a church my husband has preached at quite a bit the last few months! She informed my husband that I needed to post a picture of myself actually using the new treadmill! For the record, that "ain't" gonna happen any time soon!!!!! There is no reason to literally scare my few readers into the insane asylum before they can even say "Happy New Year"!!!!! Anyway, it has been fun getting to know these new friends of mine and I am sure that my wonderful blogging ability will keep them hanging around!! NOT!!! So, just a little humor for them!
We went to the New Years Eve service at our church Monday evening. It was a singspiration and was pretty cool! The bummer was that when we got home, once again, we missed a call from David. That is getting old and very frustrating but at least he is doing well although I think the cold weather is getting to the Florida boy!!!!
Yesterday, I was reminded again just how wonderful my husband is!! We took down the tree, sorted through and got rid of some stuff and packed up what was being kept. Then we moved the living room furniture around and I really, really like it and the whole arrangement was David's idea!! Then I cleaned up the dining room and kitchen and collapsed in my chair! Supper was a little late for Carrie had gone to a party and when she returned, SOMEONE had to come and take her to the store for the fixin's for chili! I thought I would die from hunger by the time it was ready!! (Not really but HE reads my blog so that was for him!!!!)
Ashley has been extremely busy for the last few days babysitting so I am looking forward to "borrowing" her money from her for some reason or another!!! I am sure that as the mom, I am entitled to her money for fun, right? I mean - kids think they are entitled to our money!!! OK - moving right along....... she was NOT a joy to awaken this morning and it didn't help her when she walked out to the car to feel the frigid blast from the north that has our temperatures in the 50's!
So - I have kept your attention for long enough and now I need to sign off before I say really, REALLY stupid things!!! Have a good day!


CrazieChrisa said...

Now I see where David gets his ability to write....although I should have known....since he gets his ability to talk from you too:-D Hehehe!!!! Josh, don't let her threaten you...she is all bark and no bite;-D Hehehehe!!!! Just kidding!!!! Luv and miss ya'll bunches!!!!

Ashley said...

hahaha! keep dreamin' sweetie!!! u dont get any of my money!!! I deserve ALL of it!!! lol jk :)luv ya!!!

Crystal said...

Hey Leah, just letting you know that I read your blog, too, and enjoy keeping up with your family. :) I haven't been able to post a comment because I wasn't a 'user', but over Christmas, my sister set me up so now I can post comments. :) I don't think I'll enter the blog world any time soon because I don't really have an exciting life...just a mommy to 3 great kids. :) That keeps me busy!

Happy New Year.
Crystal Schaper

Anonymous said...

Leah, Leah, Leah,
You are missing all the fun of an Indiana/Ohio winter!!! New Year's day we had snow, winds and -10 below wind chills!! Bad roads, and iced up cars!! Katie's "friend" ended up spending the night on our couch because he has only had his license for about 3 months and lives 20 miles away. He tried to leave but there was white out conditions, so he came back. Bethany didn't get to see her "friend " at all on New Year's day. Yesterday, Bethany did doughnuts on her way to work and almost killed a dog in the road. Don't you wish you were here??!! It is still very COLD, school delays all over the area. Hey, enjoy your "cold" snap, wish I was there! Ha Ha!! Love, Sherry