Wednesday, January 23, 2008


They say that confession is good for the soul and so here goes! I like football! As a matter of fact, I like sports in general but I really, really like football. Way back when (I used to hate it when my parents said that!!)....that was one thing that Dave and I had in common before we dated - sports. We used to argue about Ohio State and IU basketball and who was best. Of course that was also when IU actually knew how to play basketball but I digress!! Growing up, I used to sit with my Dad and my brothers and listen to Marty and Joe do play-by-play for the Cincinnati Reds. They were and still are my favorite announcers by far. Having grown up with them, I absolutely can't stand the announcers for the Florida Teams but again, I digress!! You see, in my house, there were 3 brothers and 2 girls and my sister was 9 years older than me. If the boys went out to play, guess who the 4th player was? Yep - me!! So I guess I can really blame my love for sports on my brothers but since I probably know more about sports than all 3 of them put together, I can't really do that!
Ok - current day! In my house, Dave and I pretty well root for the same teams but David, Jr and I go around and around about Ohio State. In all honesty, he doesn't care one little bit who wins or loses, he just likes to hear me squawk!!! The girls barely know what a football looks like!! Wait - that's not fair. They do know some things but not as much as their momma!! This is one thing that I definitely know more about than my teenagers!! SHOCKING!!!! Man, that isn't even something I should brag about!! HA!!
College Football - love Ohio State and the Tennessee Vols!! HATE ANY Florida Team!!!
College Basketball - don't really care but the same sentiments as above!
Pro Basketball - now that is DISGUSTING! A bunch of crooks in my eyes but again, I digress!!
Hockey - just like to see the fights but don't know much about it!
Golf - how boring. Tennis - Pete Sampras is gone so don't care!
Nascar - Jeff Gordon is my pick and LOVE the patriotism from this sport! Hey and guess what? They still PRAY OUT LOUD before starting a race!!
NFL - Ok, now we're talking! I love the Colts and Payton Manning is great! Love the Tennessee Titans but that team has changed somewhat. Laughed right out loud at the Dolphins getting beat all year long!! Really like Brett Favre and hate it that he didn't make it to the Super Bowl. HATE, HATE, HATE New England AND the Dallas Cowboys and am THRILLED that Eli Manning gets a chance at the Super Bowl. So, this year while it's not the Colts, I am looking forward to the Super Bowl. No, I am not watching it. No, I won't miss church for it but I WILL come home and turn the radio on!!
So there you have it - something interesting about me. I know - you probably really don't care but I felt like blogging today and that was what came to mind!!!


LaDonna said...

You are hilarious!!! I'm with ya on pretty much everything except the's not boring when it's my hubby playing! Wow, you should see the clubs flying and the hopping and jumping around that goes on!!! :) I was disappointed about the Colts, but hey, at least there'll be a Manning there, huh? UT Women for college basketball, and I guess the Men's team is getting better. Same feeling on the NBA, bunch of thugs. All the great ones have retired. And it's Jeff Gordon all the way, Baby!!! And it's even more hilarious cause NOBODY in the south likes him!! And it's 50/50 in my house, me and Clayton against the other two!! :)

CrazieChrisa said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE having a mother-in-law who LOVES sports just like I do! Lol!!!! I'm with ya on everything EXCEPT for Jeff Gordon! Ugh, I can't stand him! Lol!!! GOOOOO GIANTS!!! I'm sad the colts didn't make it again...but at least Eli is there!!!! Luv ya bunches!!!

Andrea said...

Interesting post - can't really say I'm surprised, though! LOL
For me, a ball is a ball! LOL Although, I do get interested in soccer during the World Cup - Go Brazil!!!

Pastor Powell said...

I take great offence at the remark of IU Basketball. Check out their record this year. GO IU!!!!!!!!!!

I will take into consideration who this sports commentary came from. Ha Ha. Hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine in Florida, while the chill here in WV is really setting in.

Vonnie said...

Oh yeah!!! Go Vols and Go COLTS!! Wooooo hoooooo!! But since Colts didn't make it I'm rooting for Eli!! Go Giants!