Monday, January 14, 2008

Where Oh Where Do I Start?

Let's see - left the camera at home so there are no pictures and besides that, there aren't any of the event of this week that I could post on here anyway!!!

Wow! What a week!! Unfortunately for you (maybe!) there are some details that I will need to leave out but suffice it to say, I am VERY grateful for God's mercy and protection through this last week!! I know - sounds cryptic but that's all there is to say about that!

We are all feeling a little more at ease since David was FINALLY able to call Christa this Sunday! At this point, I don't care who hears from him as long as someone does!! She has been sick and was at home on Sunday morning and was able to speak to him for quite awhile! That helps this momma's heart and nerves let me tell ya!!!

Ashley is alive and well and being her usual chipper and ornery self! She had an interesting week in more ways than one but she has provided us with more than one different emotion this week which is exactly why we love her so much!

Carrie is trying to NOT be sick but isn't really succeeding very well!! She is also trying to NOT take cuts from her classes in order to save them for David's return. So far we have been successful on that one!! She is learning the joys of juggling - you, work, bills, chores, "boyfriend"! The whole scoop! It's fun!

So - on to the big news of the week. My husband resigned from his job this last Friday and will be heading in a different direction come June. I will just ask you to pray that God grants us wisdom! And for the record, we are not planning to leave Hobe Sound anytime soon unless God leads otherwise!!

I think on that note I will close this blog and tell you that God is good and I am most grateful for his blessings!!!


LaDonna said...

Glad you got some news of David. I'm sure it muct get compltetly nerve wracking! Great to hear about Dave's job change coming up. Maybe the blood pressure will level out now? Now you know, you always did want that cabin in the Smokies...maybe you could start looking now? :)

LaDonna said...

ok, what was going on with my keyboard??? sorry about the typo's.

Vonnie said...

It's an interesting life... Isn't God good??!!!

Andrea said...

I guess it was been a week!?! Glad to hear David is fine, we are still praying for him!! Have a good week - hopefully this one will be calmer for you!:)

kayla said...

You are in my prayers! Ethan was a soldier for Career Day this year, this thinking about what could be in store for the future made me appreciate the "military moms" even more.