Monday, February 11, 2008

Fact vs. Feeling

Feeling - I feel tired! Fact - I am tired!!
Feeling - I feel "chunky"! Fact - I am "chunky"!!
Feeling - I feel grateful for a great husband! Fact - I HAVE a great husband!!
Feeling - I feel happy that Christa is coming to vist! Fact - I AM happy that Christa is coming to visit on March 1st!!
Feeling - I don't feel exceptionally close to God at this moment! Fact - HE is STILL close to me!!
Feeling - I feel grateful that my Mom is coming to visit in March! Fact - I AM grateful that my mom is coming to visit!!
Feeling - I feel blessed that my husband loves me enough to let me unleash my frustrations on him! Fact - again, I AM blessed that this is the case!!
Feeling - I feel sad that my kids are changing the way they need their mom! Fact - my kids will ALWAYS need me!! (HEEHEE!! Did that one on purpose!!)
Feeling - I feel frustrated that my son is struggling in some areas that I can't help him with! Fact - I can't help but God sure can!!!!
Feeling - I feel blessed that God has met with us at camp! Fact - I AM blessed and He has definitely met with us! The preaching has been outstanding!
Feeling - I feel too much emotion right now with my 3, no 4, no 5 "kids". Fact - I am blessed to have the "kids" I do have!! ALL OF THEM!!!!

Can you tell? I am having some struggles with "feelings" and "facts"! I won't go into a lot of detail but over the next few weeks, our family can use a lot of extra prayer! ALL OF US!! We have some issues that we are working on - no, not all "bad" stuff - just issues! The thing that I am working on remembering is that God knows what's going on and has all the answers! I just have to trust HIM and therein could lie the problem! The fact is that God has always proven Himself faithful and will continue to do so!!


Vonnie said...

Would be nice if it was always easy to have the right feelings. If feelings and facts always matched up, it seems that life would be easier. May the Lord help us all in thise area. Wish I could be there to hear the good preaching at camp!! :)

Donna said...

Ahhh! I'm constantly thinking about you - How could I not? I'm daily only a few feet away! Hang in there. Love ya!

Mary Ellen said...

Good for you for knowing/realizing which is which!

LaDonna said...

I think, as women, we deal with this so much more than the guys! And as I get older, I have to try to focus so much more on the FACTS, because I can't trust these feelings of "middle age!" They change so quickly! :) Oh the joys of's good to put some things down in writing so we can easily refer to it. Good post.

Angie Davis said...

(Also feeling chunky...)