Monday, February 18, 2008

Things "I" Would Change about Camp & Other "Stuff"

First of all, let me start by saying that I have learned in the last little while that there are a lot of people reading my blog that I knew NOTHING about! Of course, there are some who are reading who comment, some who read and don't comment and some who are read to by their "spouse"!! Anyway, that is a little side note I found quite interesting and maybe it will help me pay more attention to what I blog about! I highly doubt it though!!! :)
OK - on to my list of things I would change about camp!
1) Children both young and old would not be allowed to get sick!!!!!!!!
2) I would not wake up every single morning completely exhausted!!!!!!
3) I would not wake up on the Monday "after" to mounds of laundry that resemble Mt Everest.
4) It would NOT take 2 weeks to uncover my house after "Cyclone Sea Breeze Camp" hit it!!
5) I would not run into people who knew me from the past and promptly said, "Wow! You aren't as small as you used to be"! Yes that actually happened and no, I won't tell you my response 'cause it wasn't exactly "Christ-like"!
6) I would not be in debt from my girls saying, "Hey, mom - got money for the snack shop?"
7) Sunday night service would start at 6 and not 7!
8) The back pews would be thrown away and new padded ones put in their place to assist me in the extra rest I need to enjoy camp!! :) (Just joking - sort of!!)
9) People would actually change their own light bulbs instead of calling the maintenance men!
10) The Monday after would be declared a National Holiday for EVERYONE who attended camp regularly!!
Ok - that's it! I know - there is a whole lot more I would change but I am NOT putting that on here for the "world" to see!!! No way!! Poor Mary tried to be funny and look where that got her!!!!!!
So - in other news, Carrie is at the doctor! This girl has been sick for who knows how long and I am quite tired of it. She had a fever yesterday and never left the house! Ashley is fine and quite hyper so please pray for me today as she is out of school!! Oh dear - I just realized she will be out tomorrow also!!! I think I may be in trouble!
David called yesterday and talked to us for a bit. He seemed to be in good spirits but wouldn't you be if you were on the tail-end of this "trip"? We are looking at about 8 more weeks and trust me, this is one happy family!! ALL 7 of us!!!!
Ok - enough for now! Who knows - I may get really energetic in a bit and post some more but I doubt it! If you don't hear from me in a day or two, can you call Dave to see if the washer and dryer ate me??


Debbie said...

Ok, the truth comes out; I'm one of your favorite "Lurkers". I don't know you but I'm very familiar with many of your friends as I used to go there to school and church MANY, Many years ago.

I like reading what you have to say and after a while, I truly feel like I'm getting to know who the Fulton Family Funny Farm is. So even though I don't "know" you, I feel like I know you and it's a good thing. Keep up the great posts and hope you don't mind if I come back for a visit.

Yes, and poor Mary, I should have just kept my mouth shut.

carla said...

Amen to all of the above. Love camp but am pretty much done in by the end. Wonder what we would do if in years past it went on for several weeks!!??

Lenita said...

Loved your post....I too would have a few other things to add..:)
So happy for Josh n Carrie....they both are great kids!
I am there too w/the whole dating thing too!! HELP!! :)

Mary Ellen said...

If nothing else, after my weak attempt at humor over the pledges/offerings I at least I too found out who a few more of my blog readers are...including some that don't ever post but walked up to me at church to announce they read my blog every day!

When I saw your title I thought you were about to enter the danger zone but I see you stayed on the safe girl...

Mary Ellen said...

OK, apparently at this late hour I should be in bed instead of reading blogs.

I just reread my comment after it posted...what kind of sentence structure is this -
"I at least I too found out"!?!?!?!