Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Thank You's

These are not necessarily in any order but as I usually do - I will save the best for towards the last!
Thank you Tracy for the "antibacterial" soap. I am sorry - there is simply no explanation here!! Just thanks for being a great back-door neighbor!
Thank you Mom and Sandy for checking in all day Monday!
Thank you Elena and Wendy for the flowers and the card! That made Dave's day!!
Thank you Tara for checking in on me and keeping tabs on me!! You are the best!!
Thank you Christa for texting me and checking in with me all day!! You are the sweetest daughter-in-law-to-be!!
Josh - what can I say?? You are a life-saver in more than one way! Thanks for bringing the girls to the hospital! Thanks for taking Carrie to work and picking her up although I know that was NOT a chore for you!! Thank you for helping us in all the ways you did and still do!! I am pretty sure you are permanently stuck with this family!!! You are the BEST guy in the world for Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley - thanks for going WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of your comfort zone and coming to see Daddy!! That meant a lot to him and to me!!! You are the best youngest daughter in the world!! I am so very proud of you!! I am also VERY proud of the way you are handling a certain situation and think you are the BEST!!!
Thank you Carrie for not wanting to be in class so you could be with me but going to class anyway because it was best for you!! You are the best oldest daughter in the world! I am so very proud of you and the way you are handling everything in your life! It is wonderful to see you sooooooo happy!!!
David - thank you for calling us at the hospital to check in on Dad! You made his day! Thank you for your promises of prayer! THAT was a great thing to hear! We love you and are very proud of you!!!
That's it! I think I am done and it's a good thing - it is LUNCHTIME!!!!


CrazieChrisa said...

Your welcome:-D Luv ya bunches!!

Vonnie said...

Sorry you are having all this extra stress right now.... but you have found many things to be thankful for! We are all so blessed!