Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Update

I cannot go into detail but I have heard from a very reliable source that David is no longer in the "sandbox"! For now, since I am at work, I won't type more for fear of emotions but I will tell you that my heart is doing funny things!!!!
I ask that you PLEASE pray that God will work out ALL details of the homecoming! There are many questions and lots of planning that we need help with!!!! PLEASE pray for Christa especially that God will work out the details for her college classes and most of all, that HE will bring peace to her heart!
Stay tuned for the ever-changing details!!!!!!!


Mary Ellen said...

Woo hoo!

Andrea said...

I'm sure all this is very exciting and nerve-wracking...hold will come to an end :)

LaDonna said...

We have lots of people praying about his homecoming!!! The boys keep asking me questions I can't answer!!!! Please do keep us posted.

Angie Davis said...

We've been praying! I got to see your hubby and a certain lovely daughter at IHC. And I FINALLY connected with your mother!