Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Homecoming 2!!!

Here are just a few pictures that I managed to snap in the midst of the very unorganized chaos!! This was the first bus that was rounding the corner!

This is Christa finally being able to plant one on her man after a long 7 months!

Somewhere in this mess is Christa, Carrie, Ashley and Dave!

This is David with Carrie and Ashley!

There are probably a whole lot more I could say and post but to be honest, my food is getting cold and I am so tired my eyes are playing tricks on me! I am sure I will post some more tomorrow but for now, David is home and that is ALL that matters! Praise the Lord!


Tracy said...


Angie Davis said...

That's wonderful news! Forget the computer for a bit and just enjoy the chaos.

Donna said...

OK........now I'm crying!!

Leah, I am so happy for you, David Sr, David Jr, Carrie, Ashley & Christa!! Have fun!!!

I'v got "chills" from looking at the pixs! VERY COOL!!

LaDonna said...

That picture of Christa and David made me cry!!!! I'm so thankful that he's home, and I know YOUR thankfulness FAR outweighs mine. Enjoy him!

Vonnie said...

That hat covered the "good part". :)