Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Stalkers" of the Cloth!

It has often been said to me that living in Hobe Sound is like living in a fish bowl! You can't go anywhere or do anything without someone seeing you and then telling everyone they meet exactly what you were doing and where you were doing it and who you were doing it with. That has become quite evident to me in the last couple of days!
See the young man "chasing" someone on the three wheeler in the picture? Well, this is our pastor and man, he shows up at the weirdest times!! For instance, Thursday evening Dave and I went to the Gardens Mall and we were walking through Macy's (not to shop let me tell you!) on our way to the car and guess who showed up behind us?? Yep - the Pastor!! Then - it happened again on Friday night when Dave and I decided to go out to eat. He dropped me off at the door of the restaurant and I went in to get a table. My short little body climbed up on the chair at a high top and what to my wondering eyes did appear over the wall but - you guessed it - the Pastor and his wife! I mean really - what is going on?!?! Two nights in a row? I am scared to death about where he will show up next!
Thank you Mary Ellen for letting me steal the picture although I didn't really ask for permission and I look forward to the comments - especially one!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I'll be first. Where was it that you were sitting? Signed, The Pastor's Wife :-)

Vonnie said...

Looks like fun!

Mary Ellen said...

That was really funny, especially the title!

Too bad you choose to sit *at the bar the same night as the pastor and his wife happened to be there, tsk tsk...

You did a great job on your solo yesterday morning!!!

*OK, so it was just near but that won't cause a stir like "at" will. "-)