Friday, August 22, 2008

A Break From the Wedding for Other "Things"

Yes - the wedding pictures will show up eventually and it will probably be sometime Sunday afternoon when I have time to sit for awhile!
In the meantime, I have something else I want to talk about!!
You all have probably figured out by now that our family is moving away from Florida. Today is my last day to work with my favorite office mate, Donna. I met Donna several years ago when she moved to Hobe Sound with her family. For some reason, there was just a connection between us and we became friends over a period of time. A little over two years ago, I was looking for a job and already knew that Donna worked for this company. One day, I found an ad for the receptionist here and so I called, I interviewed and got the job rather quickly. For the last two years, it has been a complete joy to work with Donna! We have laughed more than any humans should be allowed! We have cried and talked and shared and bounced ideas and thoughts and just all kinds of stuff! Donna has listened to me complain and fuss and cry and whine - mainly because she knew that I did the same for her!! :)
Donna, it has been a privilege and a treat to work with you and I would not trade this past two years for anything in the world!! You are a wonderful, loving, caring friend and I am going to miss you SOOOOOOO much!! Thank you for being so sweet and kind to me and putting up with my quirky ways! I will never forget you and you will ALWAYS be in my prayers!! Love ya, girl!! (Hope you forgive me for stealing the picture!!!!!)


Donna said...

That is so sweet and I feel the same way! I will miss you more than I could ever say. This office will not be the same and definitely not as fun!!! Thanks for all of the sweet comments!! PS: I will forgive you for "stealing" the quirky picture!!! :)

Jennifer Pedersen said...

Donna will have no problem with you stealing that picture because it's a picture of her that she took! :-) Hilarious! I'm so glad she's my sister-in-law...we have such a great time together. I know she'll miss you, though.