Friday, August 1, 2008

Just an Update and Thoughts!

Well, lets see - I am not sure where to start but here we go! Wedding plans seem to be coming along quite nicely! We are fast approaching the wedding to be held in lovely Georgia in two weeks! It has been neat to see God take care of things that we thought close to impossible! I like hearing from Christa or her Mom, Linda, about the way things are going and how things are falling into place! As a matter of fact, there are actually a few things that we would like to see God answer prayer about and (in the human) do it pretty quick!
1) The house that David and Christa were going to get fell through so it seems he is back to square one where that is concerned and two weeks before the wedding causes us some panic!!
2) The Marine Corp has not made a decision as to when it will allow David to be off so he may very well be absent from his own rehearsal and that we do not want to have! We would love for them to allow him AT LEAST Thursday and Friday off as well as maybe a couple of days after! God knows what they WANT and what they NEED!!
3) The bridesmaid's dresses are all either fixed or being fixed and we are praying that it all comes together well!
So - two weeks from tomorrow the wedding will be on and right now, we are all very, very excited. I am of the opinion that NO ONE is as excited as David and Christa!
Dave is in IN looking for........lots of things! :) I am busy working and sorting and throwing and tossing and cleaning and sorting and ...... I think you get the picture. I can't say that I have accomplished much but I am working on it! You never seem to realize how much you have accumulated until you go to move!
I am anxiously awaiting the return of my youngest daughter on Monday from Indiana! The house is just a little quieter when she is not around so I am ready for the noise level to pick up! Carrie is busy working, taking a class and....oh yes, spending time with Josh! Such a shock I know!
I think that is it and may be it for a few days! Its Friday, I have a wedding to attend tonight and enough to do Saturday to keep me busy from dawn to midnight!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation!
Beth for the Albertsons

Faith said...

Hey,if you would stop throwing and tossing things, you wouldn't have so much cleaning and sorting to do. jk

Just catching up on the last two weeks of news. Cool!! The road between IN and TN isn't so long... so perhaps you will be in TN more often and we'll get to see you. (It sounds good.) We've missed you all.