Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bloggin' In A Big Ole' Hurry

I know - again...another blog with huge time constraints! Sorry!! I am of work a little early today and will be headed to my sister-in-law's viewing this evening. Her funeral is tomorrow at 2:00 and Jim called and asked Dave to be in charge! Please pray for him! It will be a huge task for him but I know he is completely capable!

I do not have time for much but at least wanted to let you know of the arrangements and to ask for continued prayer! Please pray that God will supply all the needs - financial, spiritual, emotional....there seem to be many! I am fighting the cold as are Carrie and Ashley! Please pray that God will give the physical touch we need!

It seems that the devil has been fighting our family at every turn this week - each and every one of us! BUT - God has so graciously reminded me that there is really nothing out there that He cannot handle...if I let Him that is! :) I am working on that very hard!

Must go! Dishes need washed with hot bleach water before I can go and there is still laundry to finish that Ashley has worked so hard on for me and still packing to do!

Thanks for the prayers! Please keep them up!

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Mary Ellen said...

I am so sorry for you family's loss - we will be praying for all of you!