Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok - the time has come for me to share the news! I know - it has been too long but here it goes anyway!

There is just one thing - the news that I was going to share is no longer news. Are you confused yet?!?! I guess I need to explain myself huh???

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at a house to buy and then put a bid on it. We (actually me) were pretty confident that we would get it and hence, the reason for the big new news announcement in my last blog. However, the Lord decided that it was not the house for us and so our offer was rejected. We are back to looking and waiting for the right place to come our way!

So - I am sitting here laughing because I am sure that was not the news you expected which makes me proud of myself! I know it was rather ornery of me but I can't help it! I should apologize but........I just can't do it!!


tacomom said...

Well I had absolutely no clue what that news could be, so this qualified in my books. BUT I'm so sorry the offer was rejected. On the other hand, isn't it so awesome that we have a God who knows EVERYTHING and closes the doors that we might try to keep open?

LaDonna said...

Ok, that was cruel, and I just want you to remember that paybacks are AWESOME! And you do have a big birthday coming keep waiting and I'll have a great surprise for you!!!