Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Weekend

This has been a very full and busy weekend! First of all, we got company on Friday!

Crystal came to see us - well.....she came to see Carrie and go dress shopping with us! It has been so nice to have her here! Carrie is blessed with a wonderful future mother-in-law!!!
Then Friday night, we met Christa for dinner. She came for her grandfather's funeral so we met her for supper! It was great to see her!! Made me miss David but at least we got to see her!

Then on Saturday, bright and early, this wonderful group headed out for the dress shopping adventure!! My fantastic sister, Sandy, Carrie, myself, Crystal and Ashley! We had so much fun!

So we went to the first place and we tried on this dress......

....and then we tried on this dress...

....but this place was NOT all it was cracked up to be so we left and went here....

Now THIS was the place to be! The girl there was so helpful to Carrie and we probably wore her out!! And so Carrie found THE dress and so here it is.........

wait a minute - you really did not think I would post that picture here did you?!?!?!?!?!?!? Ok - so that was the really bad ornery part of me showing!! So, this is the future bride signing that all important receipt for the purchase of THE dress!

One small step for Carrie towards her big day and one gigantic leap into the world of debt!!!

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Donna Paul Gerdts said...

Thanks for being your normal self...a tease!! Loved the blog! Have fun with all the preparations!

Love you!

PS. Patti says "HI"!